The Pull


I’m considering pausing all my teaching stuff: the students (down to only six), the Wisdom for Alms, the teaching-type posts, maybe not even answering comments—temporarily making this blog more of an online diary rather than a back-and-forth communications forum.

I’m pulled to delve deeper.

In my video The Hourglass of Enlightenment (recorded, ironically, almost exactly two years ago), I mention—rather off-handedly near the 6:50 mark—that I suspect that there is another “room” below the one I had found myself in at the time of the video. I find myself drawn to that “other room” now.

When the personal self falls away, you fall through the “neck of the hourglass” into enlightenment, but when you start to delve into the mysteries of Will and Synchronicity and Miracles—machinations without a personal “doer”—you seem to fall even further, into a world of “Divine Happenings.” It is toward those depths that I feel drawn.

I guess you could say that—unlike the Implications of the Soul and the Implications of Synchronicity—I feel pulled into looking even deeper.

Deeper into the implications of God Herself.

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8 thoughts on “The Pull

  1. Yes! Absotively Wayne. You know that room is there…you can smell it. We can see numerous examples of guru-less teachers who ceased the fall to infinity to help the “others”, etc. Such are the temptations of the world at every plateau of the fall. As has been said, every world, even the heaven worlds are hell worlds; they are all to be transcended. They are all emanations of our own unrelinquished contraction. The suffering “others” appear to us and an inclination arises to reach out and relieve the pain. The appearance/inclination arises out of our self-recoil against our own suffering. If we didn’t define a subtle relation to an “other”, it would touch us where we have vowed to never be touched (and immediately forgotten we have done that, as we were then the apparent limited effect of that recoil from infinity). If we simply let in that suffering and beautiful world, without qualifying it an any way, it would burn through our latent self-recoil and we would find ourselves falling beyond all rooms, all notions of an “I” who woke up, and all differences between emptiness and fullness.

  2. @Marge: Yes – assuming I do this – there will be updates along the way. Probably even more than normal as they will just be “journal entries” rather than time consuming articles.

    @Narada: Thanks. Wise words.

  3. Just wanted to stress out that I believe that your “consuming” articles have a tremendous impact on those who read them. If I talk only for myself, I could say that my reactions to your ideas, experiences or even state of being were not exclusively positive and enlightening but also negative and enlightening.
    It is only a short time since I encountered your web site / blog, and yet your undeniable talent for viewing and sharing the world, transcending the true-self expressed through your artistic photography or almost poetic writings make me come back to get more of it.
    And without exaggeration, there were your thoughts that helped me choose which way to go, spiritually speaking. I wish you would re-consider limiting yourself to only journal entries, your articles will be deeply missed.

  4. … Id just like to chime in with Mihaela. I totally agree. Wayne answered my “Advice for Alms” request, which in its poetry and simplicity knocked the socks off me and a couple of my spiritual friends, and ever since then I derived comfort, challenge and an “alternative entertainment” from tentatively exploring this blog. Wayne I was just about getting ready to ask to join yr student circle and now I hear this.. :)??
    Wishing you a happy Christmas time right now although it sounds like other things such as pepper spray r keeping you busy 🙂
    Thank you for these gifts!

  5. oh… but I also wanted to add that one reason why I find your sharings interesting is because I am experiencing various resonancies, and the feeling of wanting to “leave the world behind” is one of them now for a little while. I’ve completely refused anything to do with the whole Xmas game and feeling really blissfull just being… not even wanting too much of contact with the closest friends… I could say that I am feeling some kind of a pull too… each time I look at yr blog I find something which resonates with me quite meaningfully at that moment 🙂

  6. I also hope you will consider converting your new findings into a teaching-like post every so often. I’m quite grieved to know this, but I have to have faith in Her, that your pull is the best thing for you AND your students as well right now. Maybe it’s time that we try working our sea legs a bit, geared with everything we have learned…perhaps it’s a chance to see how far our newly unearthed pulls and intuitions can take us.

    However, I will pray that you will find your answers sooner than later so that you can come back to us. 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable contributions thus far.

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