The Radiant Ego: The Ego Barrier

The Grand Canyon

WHEAT RIDGE, CO—A review of the ego so far…

At the Body level, instincts—when they are thought of as part of our self—are ego.

At the Mortal level, our personal story is ego.

At the Soul level, our personality is ego.

What is the ego of the Radiant level? The Ego Barrier.

The Ego Barrier is everything left which makes you feel separate from, well, everything else.

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Shift Then Adapt

The path of Mystical Oneness requires the seeker to first shift their identity to the next higher level and then adapt to that level. The adaptation phase is almost always about de-conditioning our conditioned beliefs and reactions.

The seeker shifts to the Soul level (thinks of themselves as and LIVES as a Soul), then adapts to that level. The seeker adapts to the Soul level by being constantly reminded (by Life) of their Mortal Personal Story and dropping it—over and over and over again—until it eventually “quiets”.

To move from Soul to Radiance, we drop our “I’m special” thinking (the shift) and adapt by detaching from our personality (that which makes us feel special) as Life reminds us again and again of our attachment.

Now, as I’ve said before, I am still adapting to the Oneness level, and therefore I am constantly being reminded by Life of the Radiant ego—the Ego Barrier. These reminders are helping me detach from its conditioning.

The Ego Barrier

The Ego Barrier is deeply embedded—almost archetypical—conditioning. This is the last of the conditioning that makes the seeker feel separate from Everything Else. This conditioning—the Ego Barrier—deceives us into thinking that there is a “Me” and that there is stuff that is “Not-Me.”

On your way to Oneness, you’ve:

  • Dropped feeling that instincts are a part of you (Body to Mortal)
  • Dropped feeling that your story is part of you (Mortal to Soul)
  • Dropped feeling that your personality is part of you (Soul to Radiance).

Now, to adapt to Oneness you’ve got to let go of the conditioned barrier between you and Her—everything that makes you feel separate from Her.

This Ego Barrier consists of (at least) the following:

  • Self Consciousness (“Is my hair combed? Is my fly down?”)
  • Self Control (“I’m in control of my actions.”)
  • Thoughts (believing they are important)
  • Manipulations (“I’m trying to make this work.”)
  • Judging emotions (“I shouldn’t feel this way”)
  • Winning or Losing (“Damn! They charged me too much for that!”)

All of these are deeply ingrained conditioning. They are simple, conditioned reactions. In themselves, they are not a problem.

But taking them seriously is what creates the feeling of SEPARATION—and the illusion of separation is the whole problem.

The illusion of separation is the foundation of all our problems: personally, socially and globally.

Catch. Recognize. Release. Repeat.

As part of adapting to Oneness, we catch ourselves getting caught up in the separation, recognize that this is just the conditioned Ego Barrier, and then we let it go.

Over and over and over until the illusion of separation “quiets.”

That’s how we adapt to Oneness—indeed, that’s how we adapt to all the levels: Life pokes us, reminds us that we are taking something too seriously, we let it go, then we repeat.

Over and over and over again until it quiets.

Stilling the grand illusion of separation.


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3 thoughts on “The Radiant Ego: The Ego Barrier

  1. …….once we reach the “stilling” we start the circle all over again with a new perspective , so the “stilling” is an illusion too?

  2. @ WhiteHAWK: Thanks.

    @ WhiteWOLF: No, not in the sense I mean. The stilling is a felt sense that comes about when we stop identifying with (thinking they are us) whatever thoughts/reactions are affecting us on that level.

    For example, self consciousness: When I feel self conscious, that is the CONDITIONED reaction of having consciousness. Now if I take that as ME, that is the Illusion. If on the other hand, I take that as just a part of having a living body (not “me”) then that is an accurate reaction… I’m de-conditioning (re-programming) my old reaction (“I feel self-conscious” becomes “that’s just self-consciousness arising”).

    Self consciousness still comes up, but doesn’t feel like “me.”

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