The Realm of the Mystic

Soaring To Sunrise

PALM BAY, FL—I often feel as if I live in a realm between worlds:

  • I am guided by a wisdom that my mind can neither comprehend nor explain (the Radiant Level).
  • This life seems but a small, minor “task” in a much larger plan (the Soul Level).
  • I still feel an obligation—though greatly diminished—to participate in the day-to-day world of Man (the Mortal Level).
  • All the while these “worlds” seem to revolve within me (Oneness).

At first it felt quite confusing; eventually though, it became perfectly natural and “connected.”

The Little supplements the Big.

The Big nourishes the Little.

Life flows into Life…

And all is well.

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One thought on “The Realm of the Mystic

  1. obligations? I had a great resistance for these ego’s. The fear and anger separated my awareness away from the natural state. The roles of ego and its projections are hard to transcend. I surrender to the Power of Awareness- Take me within you my Beloved. The longing to go back to my source is intense, waiting for my Self to pull my awareness back to itself.

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