The Religion of Science

Seagull in Flight

PALM BAY, FL—A conversation between a Mystic and a Scientist on the nature of the universe.

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Mystic: Most physical objects go from more complex (a rock for example) to less complex (sand), why is that?

Scientist: Entropy. Physical matter naturally moves toward disorder.

Mystic: Why?

Scientist: Energy on the matter causes it to break down and disperse.

Mystic: So it’s natural for physical matter to break down and disperse?

Scientist: Yes.

Mystic: What about living things? They seem to do the exact opposite. They go from something simple, a cell, to something very complex, a mouse for example.

Scientist: That’s because it’s alive. That’s the nature of life.

Mystic: What gives living things life?

Scientist: DNA and energy.

Mystic: What is DNA?

Scientist: Little programs encoded in cells.

Mystic: Who wrote the programs?

Scientist: No one. It just happened by chance. In an eternity of time and infinite space, it was bound to happen sometime.

Mystic: How do you KNOW no one wrote the DNA programs?

Scientist: What? Aliens? Little green men?

Mystic: No. I mean an intelligence.

Scientist: There’s no evidence of that.

Mystic: There’s no evidence either way. So what you mean by no evidence, is you BELIEVE no one wrote the DNA programs.

Scientist: Yes, I believe that it was just something that happened. Something that happened randomly.

Mystic: Ok. Back to the DNA, energy runs these programs? Get’s them going? Activates them so to speak?

Scientist: Yup.

Mystic: So energy makes living things more complex through DNA, and dead things less complex via entropy?

Scientist: You got it.

Mystic: Sounds like pretty powerful stuff.

Scientist: It’s the core stuff. It’s what everything is made of.

Mystic: Energy?

Scientist: Yup. Energy: It’s what makes the world go ’round.

Mystic: What is energy?

Scientist: Huh?

Mystic: What… is… energy?

Scientist: Energy is the core property of the universe. It is the force behind the four fundamental interactions—gravity, the strong force, electromagnetism, and the weak force.

Mystic: But what IS energy?

Scientist: What is it?

Mystic: What is it.

Scientist: It’s a fundamental property of the universe. Fun-da-men-tal.

Mystic: By fundamental, you mean you don’t know?

Scientist: Well, no one knows. Not really.

Mystic: So we really don’t know what energy is?

Scientist: No, but we know what it does. We can describe it.

Mystic: But you don’t really know what it IS? Where it came from, why it’s here in the first place?

Scientist: Uhh…

Mystic: So if I called this energy, Her or God or The Light, you’d be OK with that?

Scientist: Well, you’re implying something else. You’re implying something mystical about energy, something intelligent.

Mystic: What’s wrong with that? Energy seems to act intelligently. It creates life and death. It creates the animate and inanimate. It creates and drives the stars, the clouds, the oceans, the fish and plants and people.

Scientist: But all that can be explained scientifically!

Mystic: But energy is behind it all, right?

Scientist: Yes.

Mystic: And you don’t know what energy is.

Scientist: No. But I DO know that it isn’t intelligent.

Mystic: You mean you BELIEVE it isn’t intelligent.

Scientist: There is no evidence of intelligence in energy.

Mystic: No evidence? Look at the beauty, at the harmony, at the balance in the Universe. How can all this beauty, all this complexity, come out of nothing?

Scientist: That’s not evidence! You can’t measure beauty, balance or harmony.

Mystic: So is there evidence that there ISN’T intelligence in energy?

Scientist: Well, no. But I know there isn’t any intelligence in it.

Mystic: You believe there isn’t any intelligence in it.

Scientist: I BELIEVE there isn’t.

Mystic: So what is energy? Where did it come from? Why is it here in the first place?

Scientist: I don’t know, but I know it isn’t intelligent.

Mystic: “believe.”

Scientist: I BELIEVE is isn’t intelligent.

Mystic: But there isn’t any scientific evidence either way?

Scientist: Well, no, but there isn’t any scientific evidence for dragons or pixies either. Do you believe in them?

Mystic: No, but I believe in intelligence. I believe in will. I believe in passion and the feel of music and the appreciation of art.

Scientist: Soooo?

Mystic: So where do those qualities come from? Energy?

Scientist: Uh, yeah, I guess.

Mystic: And there doesn’t seem to be an intelligence in that stuff? In will, in passion, in appreciation? There doesn’t seem to be an intelligence in the balance, in the harmony of the living and the inanimate. In the orbits of the planets. In the radiance of the sky at sunset? In the mewling of a kitten? In the robin selflessly feeding a worm to her chicks? It’s all just empty, hard, dumb, random stuff?

Scientist: You’re making me look like a cold, heartless bad guy. All I know is that there isn’t any intelligence to it.

Mystic: You “believe…”

Scientist: I BELIEVE there isn’t an intelligence to it. There is no SCIENTIFIC theory for an intelligent universe.

Mystic: What do you mean by “theory?”

Scientist: Uh, you know, a theory. Uh, a, hmm, uh, a uh…

Mystic: A belief?

Scientist: Screw you.

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8 thoughts on “The Religion of Science

  1. I believe someone that holds a conversation with themselves is psychotic. But that’s OK I still have a room for you any time you need it – it’s just across the street.

  2. Ahh,to answer the unanswerable question.How did we get here?A question for the ages.Someone once once said,and I assume it was a mystic,Stop thinking and there is nothing you will not know.Einstein stated that he came to know more about the nature of the Universe through intuition than intellect.
    Just something to not think about! Keep on keeping on in the Eternal present Wayne,I’m here with ya brother.


  3. Every sensible person I know accepts that ultimately life is a mystery and that we do not know what energy is. That is not justification for any of the thousand theories people choose to guide their lives. The grand and unwarranted leap from admitting the mystery to assuming that a loving God created it all and on occasion sends messages to us–is the cause of so much ill in the world. If you just gotta have a theory to guide your life—why not assume with the Deist that the creator takes a hands-off policy with regard to us—-having given us intellect, choice, and creativity.—all that is necessary for a grand adventure in time. To live life constantly seeking guidance from the deity seems to me to be an abdication of our (god-given?) powers of intellect, choice and creativity. Notice how this theory lets atheist and theist live in harmony—both living as though no divine messages or assistance was needed—to live a fulfilling life.

  4. Hi Randy. First I just want to say that the point of this post was a kind of humorous attempt to show that science, just like religion, is based on beliefs. That neither of them has any solid foundation. The only difference is that science is loath to admit it.

    As to Deism and most all other western religions, the big…huge difference between them and what I speak of is SEPARATION. Most western religions, Deism included, believe in the separation of the Divine and Man. Nondualism, Enlightenment, Mystical Oneness or whatever you call what I speak of, stresses the Unity of Man and the Divine. You can think of “Her” and “Man” and the “World” as different “personalities” of the Oneness, much like the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are considered “personalities” of the Godhead, or the different gods of Hinduism are the “personalities” of Brahman.

    If you move beyond this separation, see through the illusion of separation, you will face the dilemma that I faced not so long ago, “Where is my motivation? Where is my will? What should I do now?” And only then, when the questions “settle” do you realize—very clearly—that there isn’t any “me” in those questions, only “Her.” Her will. Her direction. Her motivation…simply because there isn’t any “me,” and that the “me illusion” was the source of all my (and everyone else’s) problems.

  5. Wayne.When you say that science is based on belief do you mean that there is no factual basis for all of science or the science of the unknown?I would have to think that some science is based on fact.Or are all facts also illusion therefor there are no facts?

  6. @Dave: Just that the foundations of science are based on either the unknown (energy) or beliefs (string theory, big bang theory, quantum theory, …) and everything we “know” of the science-based theory of the universe is built on these shaky foundations.

    From the Oneness POV, nothing is separate, separation isn’t real and breaking everything down into it’s littlest pieces is a futile attempt to “explain” the Universe. Ie: They will never find the smallest, most elementary particle IMO, because there are no particles, it’s all just this mysterious, unexplainable Her, I mean energy.

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