The Sequel to Fading Toward Enlightenment

FTE II Storyboard

PALM BAY, FL—A few days ago I was “filled” with an idea (the belief that “I” come up with these ideas seems silly to me now) that I should write a follow up to Fading Toward Enlightenment. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea—not from a financial point of view, but from a “rightness” POV.

What’s cool about the idea is that I’ve already got the style and tone down (same as FTE), the material (the time between FTE and my awakening), reference materials (this blog and memories), and even the photos.

Tips on Writing a Book

Above is a screen shot of my initial storyboard.

Two great iPad apps for the initial creative stages of book writing: Mindo, a mind mapping app which has relationships (ways of connecting distant nodes), and Corkulous which is the storyboard/corkboard app I used above.

Mind maps are great for punching in your thoughts, outlining, and seeing the relationships between topics, while storyboards are great for creative flow and overview. The mind map holds ALL the topics, the storyboard distills them down into scenes. I’ll also use the storyboard to select and “pin” the photos to the scenes.

While I’m a newbie with the iPad, I’m finding it to be—at these early stages of the book’s development—much more conducive to the creative flow (touch, move, resize, group) than the Macbook (type, point, click, highlight). They (the apps and the iPad’s more natural interface) enhance the creative process rather than reduce it via the traditional mouse/keyboard.

Some of my other book writing tips here.

I’m also thrilled with how good my ebooks look in the iPad’s default iBooks app. It reads the PDF file format perfectly and the photos come out clear and vibrant. (To get PDF’s onto your iPad, just drop the PDF files into your laptop’s/desktop’s iTunes library and synch the two).

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