The Soul Ego: Your Personality

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM—Just like the personal story is the ego of the mortal, the personality is the ego of the Soul.

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If you’ve ever read about near death experiences or past life memories (or experienced them for yourself), you may have noticed that the consciousness that transcends lives (the Soul) always has the same personality as the person relating the experience. In the case of past lives, they might have a different body, or sex, or race, but their personality is always the same. Each life always feels like that person normally does. Each of your past lives has always felt like you. In each of your lives, you’ve had the same personality.

The personality is the ego of the Soul.

Letting go of the personality, distancing yourself from you-as-a-Soul, is how you shift from Soul to Radiance.

You don’t try to change your personality, nor do you try to drop it, you simply start to look at your personality as something that isn’t you. You look at your personality (like you learned to look at your personal story) as something you carry around. Something you carry around but which isn’t you.

What are some components of the Soul’s ego? What is this personality that transcends lives? If you’ve stabilized yourself at the Soul level, your personality (your Soul’s ego) is practically everything that makes you feel like an individual: your likes and dislikes, your values (what you feel strongly about, what you feel is right or wrong), your emotional quirks (generally happy or cynical or humorous). All that “stuff” is your personality.

But it’s all just stuff—conditioned stuff, yes—but stuff all the same. Stuff that isn’t you. Your personality isn’t what you really are.

At the Radiant level, you learn to see these qualities—your personality—as no different than your hair or your height or your race. They are just stuff you got stuck with. Stuff that you wear.

Ultimately at the Radiant level, you feel like this very thin, solid outline—an opening or a portal—through which Love and Light (Her) flows through. She appears outside of you as everything else and She flows through you (through your opening), but “you” still feel separate.

That separation is the ego barrier, the ego of Radiance, but we’ll cover that in the next article.

Adapting to the Radiant level involves constantly catching yourself holding onto the personality (the Soul), recognizing that it isn’t you, and letting it go.

By seeing the personality as “other,” you transcend it.

Once again we use Life as a practice ground to help us catch when we are identifying with our personality. When we catch ourselves, it becomes very easy then for us to open up and surrender.

We open, surrender and allow the flow of Light and Love to move through us.

The Light and Love that is Her.

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2 thoughts on “The Soul Ego: Your Personality

  1. Funny, I think the ego is a necessary artifice of the realm of relativity but I think it is an illusion from the point of view of the greater Reality. If we are but Pure Consciousness, then our “I”ness is simply the clothes we wear and NOT who we are. Thus the ego couldn’t possibly exist other than as a shadow so it would be impossible for it to have past lives. The memory vibrations may be out there in the great Black Whole and coalesce in a given life-form or “pseudo-entity” called “Me” but even that “me” doesn’t arrive here at birth–it is acquired at the age of 2 or 3. The believe it’s all notional–these ideas are all lies and concepts–
    As the Tao opens it says “The Tao can not be spoken…” Yes, quite!

  2. @Jim: Yes, each layer (Mortal, Soul, Radiance) is part of the Grand Illusion, but since we live in them—not just rationalize about them, but live in them—we have to play by their “rules.”

    But, and this is very important, each layer is gradually more “truthful.” Radiance is more “truthful” than Soul which is more truthful than Mortal.

    Oneness (Tao) is the truth, but until we LIVE it (not just know it), then these levels are much easier to “move through” than trying to go directly from Mortal to Oneness (as so many of today’s non-dual leaders teach).

    And that is why I take such pains to break these levels (and in this case, the ego) down… to make it easier to move through the levels.

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