The Steps to Mystical Oneness

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PALM BAY, FL–In most traditional teachings of enlightenment, there is a giant wall (the gateless gate) which determines if you are awake or not: You either believe in your self (unenlightened) or you don’t (enlightened).

Like an on/off switch, it’s all or nothing. It’s either on (enlightened) or it’s off (unenlightened), there isn’t any in-between.

The Path of Mystical Oneness is different. You take steps. You drop A and pick up B. Later, you drop B and pick up C. Later still, you drop C and your done (enlightenment). But ‘C’ is a lot easier to drop by itself than A and B and C combined. A whole lot easier.

A brief overview of these steps below the break (huh?).
The Steps to Mystical Oneness go like this:

From Human to Soul: Concerns for this lifetime vanish. You drop the belief of yourself as a human being, and adopt a belief of yourself as an eternal Soul. A huge portion of the Personal Self consists of the belief in ourselves as humans.

From Soul to Radiance: You drop the belief of yourself as a Soul. The last of the Personal Self vanishes (your story). What is left is a mere ‘outline’ of your former self (similar to what many nondual traditions call the witness), and the feeling of Life/Light/the Divine flowing through you.

From Radiance to Oneness: The last of the self vanishes. You surrender completely to Her. Not half-assed surrender, “Thy will be done as long as it suits me,” but complete surrender.

As Oneness… you simply are. All illusions about yourself are dropped. The final separation between you and Her vanishes. You merge with Her. You vanish. She vanishes. You are at once nothing and everything. To function in the world, you slide between the other levels (Radiance, Soul, Human) as is appropriate to the situation.

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2 thoughts on “The Steps to Mystical Oneness

  1. Hi Michelle. Sounds easy doesn’t it? You’ve got to not only believe it, but you’ve got to live it too. By living as if we are souls, we quickly find out for ourselves (because of our fears) where we’re still hanging on to the idea that we’re still mortal.
    More info on living this way can be found under the topic “Soul Identity“.

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