The Taos Incident

Windmill on the Plains

BLOOMFIELD, NM—One of the dangers of an online diary/blog, is that when you say something outlandish like, “which confirmed my theory that She wanted me to check out Taos” (Synchronicity #2 on April 6th’s post) and you are implying that something very much like what most people would call God is talking directly to you, well, you just leave yourself wide open for humiliation, failure and online ridicule. Fortunately I could care less about those things.

Here’s what did and didn’t happen in Taos earlier today (below the break) (huh?).

Taos is a cool little town: artsy, laid-back and surrounded by beauty. If it didn’t get so cold in the winter, I could see living there.

The Meal…

Keeping my eyes and ears open to whatever it was She wanted me to see or hear or do, I stopped in for a bite to eat at this little cafe in the plaza area. I was really in the zone—which means the “I” was hardly there at all, feeling one with Everything. The waitresses (plural) kept giving me that push-pull-curious look, so I expected one of them to say something and that would have initiated whatever it was She brought me to Taos to do.

Sadly, other than a great meal, all I got was the bill.

The Coffee…

I shrugged it off, figuring I was just wrong about the whole Taos thing, strolled about and took a few photos, walked into a little shop, The Whole Cup Cafe, ordered a coffee for the road and a guy walks in with a really dejected look on his face (let’s call him Charlie) and the barista (let’s call her Petra), counsels him with some spiritual words.

I overheard her advice, and agreed completely, in fact, I thought I could add to the conversation, but I’m too busy digging through my camera bag for one of my cards to give them and by the time I gave up looking, Charlie’s jumped in his truck and Petra is helping another customer.

I stepped outside and went for one last lap around the plaza, telling myself that I blew it, that I should have just spoken up and said what I wanted to say instead of trying to cross all my i’s and t’s and whatever.

Halfway around the plaza it hit me so hard that I actually stopped in my tracks.

I wasn’t supposed to say a damn thing.

I was supposed to listen.

Rewind to the Coffee Shop…

Charlie walks in, dejected because he’s still broke and some opportunity which he was really excited about fell through.

Petra (She): “Don’t worry Charlie (Wayne), you were born with everything you need to succeed. All the Universe (She) wants is for you to be happy.”

The Lesson…

To Charlie, success is financial. To Wayne, it is getting his/Her message out there.

What I (belatedly) heard: “Wayne, don’t concern yourself about what’s next in your life or what’s in store for you. Just do what makes you happy, go where you want to go, and I’ll take care of the rest. You were born with everything you need.”

During this trip, as I posted just yesterday, my mind keeps pestering me for a direction—a plan—and I haven’t been able to give it an answer. Today She told me loud and clear: “Do what makes you happy.

I drove—literally—thousands of miles and half-way across the country to hear exactly what I needed to hear at the exact instant (not a minute too early nor a minute too late) when a down-on-his-luck local received sage advice from a new-age coffee shop barista in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. I can’t tell you the odds of that, but I know they’re astronomical.

Just more evidence that She exists.

She’s real, She’s caring, and if you let Her in (the less there is of you), She’ll amaze you (the more there is of Her).


The “born with everything you need” part would require a post of its own, but it has to do with Oneness (you’ve already got it all) and the Soul (your personality which determines what makes you happy and thus—if you follow your bliss—guides you through this life). You’re born as both Oneness and a Soul.

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9 thoughts on “The Taos Incident

  1. Congratulations Wayne on having such a “priceless” experience.
    “She” , said to me a long time ago, “the truth is easy, it’s the untruth that is hard”
    This works for me every time, when I step into “re-membering” ( :
    Thanks for sharing. ( :

  2. Wayne,

    I want to thank you for sharing with all of us Her wisdom. Please forward to Her that I did not mean any disrespect in my words.

    I really did not take you for Charlie Sheen travelling around with Goddesses in an expensive RV and sharing profound wisdom when I said you are too comfortable. We sometimes become too comfortable with ourselves and how we choose to see the world and in our neediness to follow our bliss and even fall into mood-making and posing and we forget to feel empathy and to see the world through the eyes of the other. That was my whole point. But it was irrelevant to you, so it did not come through. That is fine – my assumption. Last evening I went to the website of TED. Pure serendipity to find a new talk on EMPATHY. If you’d like to see what I meant – please have a look there. It is not about fear – it is about empathy and compassion.

    I will keep quiet now. If I am too quiet, please, do not interpret that as ignoring you or as lack of gratitude. I have it.

  3. She must have been looking through Richard Bach’s eyes as well, as he wrote: “We are the Otters of the Universe.”

    Same thing, yes?

  4. Thanks Wayne. Great story. In 2009, I was at a coffee shop in Taos during a cross-country road trip. I was slightly dejected as it is often hard to interpret these whisperings as they are not like “regular” (read: egoic) kind of motivation, and I asked silently to Her: “Please tell me what to do.” Just that minute, I look through plate glass window as a car drives by with license plate, “BLAZE.”

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