The Three Owls

Three Owls

I am writing this before I turn on my Internet, before I get inundated with the daily emails, before I lose the feel for what has happened. I’m going to do the absolute minimal of editing to get it out there. I don’t want it to lose the power behind it.

For the last three months, I have been experimenting with the Law of Attraction/the Secret/the Power of the Mind/Wish Fulfillment/….

I feel if it works for anyone, it should work for me—one who has so little to get in the way of the Universe (though I hate that term). I’ll go into more details in future posts, but this entry seems to be the conclusion to those experiments.

My mother has (had?) the same rare form of cancer as Steve Jobs had, a cancer so rare that there is no agreed upon course of treatment. After her surgery, after it had shifted and metastasized to her liver, she was prescribed a two-pill form of chemotherapy. One for brain cancer, one for colon cancer. She has neither, but there you go.

On Monday, my mother had a barium CAT scan done to see how the treatment was working.

On Tuesday, they did another CAT scan (non-barium this time) because “something was wrong” with the first CAT scan.

On Wednesday—yesterday—her doctor told my mother that the CAT scans revealed no sign of cancer, that the tumors—which were obvious on a CAT scan taken four months ago—were no longer visible. They took two scans because they were so surprised. They put her on three more months of the therapy (just because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean it isn’t still there), but all in all, it seems like a miracle and by the doctor’s surprise, it seems he’d agree.

This morning—12 hours after I heard the above news—I awoke to the sound of an owl. Sitting alone on a branch outside my camper, he hooted. I went outside and looked up at him, feeling that this was some sort of sign, some mysterious message, some arcane confirmation of the mysteries that lie behind all Form, some further confirmation that She exists, and is involved and cares.

A few minutes later, another owl flew over and sat on the branch next to him. A few minutes later, a third.

Never in my entire life have I seen even a single great horned owl.

Today I saw three.

I don’t know how else to explain this. I know I’ve said it on this blog a million times before, but at times like these, it really hits home. That these bizarre but wonderful events are just further proof that: the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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8 thoughts on “The Three Owls

  1. PS: Another interesting synchronicity, one I didn’t realize until just now, is that both the links in this post (one to my mother’s surgery, and the other to an explanation of Her) show pictures of birds. It amazes me how these things come into alignment even though they happened (the photos were posted) months ago.

    PPS: Sorry that today’s shot is so blurry. Low morning light + high contrast + zoom + hand held = blurry photo.

  2. Dear Wayne,
    I don’t know the science behind this phenomenon; but I do receive a big blue bee in certain occasions to share the love of nature. The circumstances were similar to medical uncertainties and I think, that is her way of saying – “I am here to Care for you”.

    Love always,

  3. I will say that at various times in my life I’ve had “omens” present themselves in critters of some sort, and I’ve never had a camera ready when I needed it! So glad you did! Really wish I could go back in time and stage the events, but alas, time keeps on slipping into the future. Good news for you and your mother! Thanks for sharing the pic!

  4. Wayne, have you considered that the three owls might represent the three aspects of God? That is: The Father/Her, the Son/All of us, and the Holy Spirit (that which allows us to conect with The Father/Her).
    Interesteing, yes?
    I also have been experiencing more frequent syncronicities – some as direct responses to my words/asking (a recruiter called me 10 minutes after I asked for a source of income, followed by 5 more recruiters that week), and some merely amusing: After questioning my dinner companions about organic versus inorganic food and not getting a response, I returned to my hotel in Florida only to find an email from my daughter in California (who rarely emails me) with the subject “Organic versus Inorganic” and no text except for a link to a site that explained organic food.
    And it just keeps getting more interesting, and you and your website and videos are now a part of it all. We truly are One.

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