The Two Secrets of “The Secret”

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As I mentioned in the previous post, for the past three months I have been experimenting with the Law of Attraction/The Secret/Wish Fulfillment.

Why? For a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted to help my mother in her fight with cancer.
  2. I wanted further evidence that She/God exists.

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Having a rational, logical, programmer sort of mind, I decided to start my experiments with a small, easy to grant wish: While driving south on I-95, I “wished” to see a yellow VW Beetle on the interstate before my exit 10 miles down the road.

The results: I did not see a Beetle on I-95.

But… less than 30 seconds after I exited the interstate, I saw a yellow VW Beetle parked all alone in a parking lot, almost as if She had put it there as a gift. The only way I would have been more shocked was if there had been a big bow wrapped around it.

The next day, while running an errand, I tested it again, this time wishing to see a red Ferrari before I returned home. Red Ferraris are a dime a dozen in South Florida, but pretty rare around here.

The result: No Ferrari, but—once again, all alone in a parking lot like it had been placed there by the hand of God/Her—a red VW Beetle. All shiny and new. Sitting by itself in a parking lot of an abandoned restaurant.

Now keep in mind, I am no expert on the Law of Attraction, having only read two books on it—and of the books I wasn’t very impressed. Should God (they called Her the “Universe”) do your bidding? Is She your servant, a genie to grant your every wish? Sounds to me like another scheme by opportunist authors to steal gullible readers’ money—but that is just my opinion.

Secret #1 to The Secret

Now let’s take “The Secret” from the perspective of Mystical Oneness: The less there is of you, the more there is of Her. That makes a lot more sense.

At the Radiant Level, there is still a separation between you and Her, but ‘you’ are nothing more than a tiny, thin outline of your former self—and She is everything else.

People operating at the Radiant Level are almost all Her with only a tad of ego, whereas people operating at the Mortal Level are just the opposite: almost all ego and very little Her. So it makes sense that the further you are along spiritually, the more likely your wishes will be granted.

So this is Secret #1 to The Secret: The less there is of you, the more there is of Her, and the more likely your wishes will be fulfilled.

Secret #2 to The Secret

As I tried to make bigger and more important things happen, I found a distinct pattern in whether my wish would be fulfilled or not:

  • If I had any doubts or internal debate on whether I wanted the wish to come true, it would not.
  • If I wanted something with all of my heart, it would almost always come true.

Take for example winning the lottery. To me, it would suck dealing with all those people pleading for money to help them with X, Y or Z. I honestly don’t know how I would handle all that need. There’s my internal conflict: Part of me (my conscience) does not want to win the lottery.

Now take visualizing my mother’s CAT scan to be “all clear” and showing no signs of cancer. There was no conflict. With all my heart, that was something I truly wanted.

Secret #2 to The Secret: There must be no internal conflict with seeing your wish fulfilled.

You must want it with all your heart, which means with your mind, with your emotions, and with your conscience. All three: Mind, Heart, Gut.


People who have followed my blog for any length of time know that I have an ongoing, amazingly odds-defying, type of luck (both good and bad). When I don’t listen to my intuition or conscience (gut), miserable things happen to me:

  • My gut told me not to buy my stealth camper, so I made a low-ball offer which they surprised me by accepting (I could have still walked away). I had nothing but trouble with that truck.
  • My gut told me when I first bought my travel trailer, that I shouldn’t tow it leaning forward like it was, but I listened to my mind which said it made it more aerodynamic. I had two tires blow out within five miles (after having driven over 150 miles).

On the other-hand, I almost always get what I want when there is no conflict within me:

  • I hardly ever have to wait in line anymore (no one gets hurt, no conflict).
  • I am surprised if traffic doesn’t “open up” for me (no one gets hurt, no conflict).
  • When I need something (example), I’m often “magically” guided to it.
  • With all my being, I wanted my mother to be healthy. Her CAT scan, to the surprise of her doctor, came back clear.

The above are examples of Secret #2: No internal conflict.

The real power to the Law of Attraction though, is in Secret #1: The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

All the wishing in the world isn’t going to do you a bit of good if you are almost all ego. Put another way, you-as-ego are literally blocking Her from functioning through you.

Let go of believing you are Mortal (I want, I want, I want). Let go of even thinking of yourself as a Soul (My karma, my karma, my karma, (me)). Surrender to Her. Feel the Love flow through you—feel Her flow through you.

It’s ironic, but it is as simple as this: Surrender to Her and all your wishes will be granted.

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