To A. Lilly…

I received a number of comments today from a new reader, A. Lilly, and I tried to send him/her an email but the mail didn’t go through. As I was sending it, I realized others may appreciate the email so—and maybe that’s why it didn’t go through (She can be sneaky that way)—I felt I should post it here on the blog.  The contents below the break…

Hi A Lilly,

I wanted to thank-you for your comments, and I hope I’ve replied to them (online) in a way that makes my “message” a little more clear. I do understand that there is a lot of information on my blog and at times it seems contradictory, but that is the nature of spiritual growth. I believe mine is the first blog where one has been posting his experiences not only after enlightenment, but before and during. Because of this, and it has only been about 20 months since I woke up, there has been (and still is) a lot of “learning as I go” blog posts.

Some of your comments were made on posts I had written just before I woke up (Sitting Frog), some just after waking up (Hortons), and some in my current stage of development (the mystical side). Unlike a book, these are “real-time” posts, not pondered deeply over to see if they fit a grand thesis, no detailed editing, just raw, real-time reflections. Because of this, I hope you don’t take them too… cast in stone. I have learned much over those months, much of which was a complete surprise (even though I thought I had known it all before I woke up).

I look back at how sure of myself I was before I woke up. I really did think I had all the answers. If I have any advice to “knowledgeable” spiritual seekers (as you seem to be), it is to “empty your cup,” forget what you’ve been taught or read, and start to experiment with surrender, with allowing, with the possibility that there is something more going on in this world (and behind our minds) than there at first appears (see Why I’m not Afraid to Die: Evidence of the Soul and The Implications of Synchronicity).

Anyway, thanks for your comments and welcome to the blog.

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.


Wayne (Wirs)

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One thought on “To A. Lilly…

  1. Thank you, Wayne, for your answer.

    You reminded me of something that happened to me not long ago. A wealthy couple visited me. I lived at the time in a very small apartment. I used mirrors to expand the optical perception of the space. The couple, who were very much into spiritual topics and into cosmic and unity consciousness, commented that maybe I like to look at myself a lot… I just laughed. Did not answer. Their unity consciousness did not help them notice my situation. They saw themselves only (needless to mention they lived in a very big house). I guess I have become transperant and very much like a mirror. Strange experience but life is as is… Better see the blessing.

    BTW I like your photos very much. They tell so much if one looks at them in silence.

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