Treat The Soul As A Fact


You treat the Big Bang theory as a fact.

But it is only a theory.

Do you know where the Universe came from?


Do you know what happens after you die?


Just as the Big Bang is a theory, what you believe happens to you after you die is a theory.

Do you want to live happy and carefree and free of fear?

Then pick a theory that supports the way you’d like to live.

Just like the Big Bang, treat your “after death” theory as a fact.

If you choose to live as a Soul (and there is ample evidence that the Soul is real)—if you treat the Soul as a fact—you will live happy and carefree and free of fear.

Why would you live any other way?

Really. Why would you want to live any other way?

Can you think of a better way of living?

Drop your dead-end Mortal theory. Treat the Soul as a fact.

Live as a Soul and be free.

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