Walk It

Leaves of Grass

Walk it. Don’t just think about it.

Contrary to most nondual teachings today, Truth isn’t something to be figured out.

It is Truth.

It is not Nothingness or Emptiness or some theory of “No-Mind.”

Truth is not a theory.

Truth is taste. It is sound. It is passion.

Truth is very simple…

Truth is Life Itself.

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9 thoughts on “Walk It

  1. And where do we experience life other than in these skin suits acquired at incarnation? Do we remember the truth between. or, in previous incarnations? Are you sure that truth isn’t just another belief?

  2. If it requires thoughts to exist then nothing is real if its not part of my experience right now , yet how can that be true when its night here now yet i have a concept that it is sunny on the other side of the world are you saying that that is not true?
    Are you saying that all my friends and family dont exist until they are in my experience??

    thank you
    always look forward to reading your blogs

  3. @Daniel: If it REQUIRES thoughts to exist.

    Don’t get symbols/concepts confused with Reality/Truth.

    This isn’t a mental game, something to be figured out, something that can be proven in a court of law. It just IS.

    Look at it this way:

    What would your experience of THIS MOMENT be like if you didn’t have ANY thoughts? Just see. Don’t think it. Stop what you are doing, look at something beautiful and really experience it.

    That’s Truth.

  4. Doesn’t it require a thought to define taste, sound, and passion as truths? And yes, Daniel, I think that your friends and family may be somewhat perplexed if you told them that they are not real.

    Wayne, I love your photos, and the depth of your thinking. Even when I don’t agree.

  5. A growing body of non-anecdotal evidence suggests that everything exists in our human-perceived reality as a result of thought, that without thought, our world as we know it wouldn’t exist. So, what is truth? I believe there is more than one since truth is relative to the beholder or in this case, thinker. What is true for one person isn’t necessarily true for another. And who is the arbiter of truth other than the one with the thought of the moment relative to their own position?

  6. @Marian, Daniel, Ross: I guess I wasn’t clear, one of the problems of short posts and replies.

    The assumption I believe everyone is making here (and that is an assumption on my part), is confusing BRAIN with THOUGHTS. Two totally different things.

    Most animals don’t THINK, yet they still experience the real world (Truth/Reality). In fact, they (I imagine) experience it much more clearly than we do, since all our THOUGHTS cloud (veil/cover over) Reality/Truth with all our DEFINITIONS, CONCLUSIONS, ASSUMPTIONS, CONDITIONING, SYMBOLS, MEANINGS, etc.

    See my Frog Master post (which I attribute to kicking off my three week “awakening”) for the source of my “Thoughts aren’t Reality” position: http://waynewirs.com/2009/sitting-frog/

    BTW: These comments are almost exactly what I am expounding against in today’s post: Walking it, not thinking it. Stop what you are thinking about and look at something beautiful without thoughts and really see it. See what I’m talking about for yourself, don’t theorize or philosophize. Live it. 🙂

    Thanks for all the questions and the opportunity to clarify this for other readers.

  7. It could be argued that a brain is the manifestation of a thought. So, like the chicken and the egg analogy, what came first? I suggest it was the thought from a collective consciousness, or intelligent design, if you will. Many assume that ‘lower’ forms of animals, excluding crows, porpoise, dolphins, whales, raccoons, etc, don’t actually think. We don’t really know this. Many animals lack the human capability to reason, which some equate with thought. However, I believe that all animals, and possibly plants, do indeed think, but not like we do.

    There was an experiment performed back in the late 1960’s by Dr Cleve Baxter, as described in his recent book Primary Perception. He was experimenting with not only hypnosis, but also the polygraph. After an all-nighter, he spontaneously wondered what result he would obtain if he were to connect the polygraph to the leaf of a live plant. He was amazed by the result. The graph indicated what appeared to be a normal signature, including a significant spike when he just THOUGHT about burning the plant. The conclusion was that thoughts are, indeed, energy, and can be projected. But the additional conclusion was that plants also are a part of the collective consciousness, or what has been named the Source Field.

    So, what is truth? I suggest that it changes, not only with more knowledge, but relative to the observer. I believe that certainty comes only with a closed mind. So, I try to remain open to new ideas. But your point, Wayne, about just being, is a really good one. We must spend more time in the present, without regretting the past or worrying about the future. Let’s enjoy what our current senses allow us to witness. Foe the now is all we really have.

  8. paradox ;0)

    seems like we’re either in our mind or not. what i notice is something is know/experienced then immediately comes a mental comment in words, picture or a combo. its paying attention to the 1st part before comment that i think Wayne is trying to emphasize.

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