What Gives Light Must Endure Burning

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What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. The first time I heard this phrase was last week when I cracked open a chinese fortune cookie. The second time I heard it was just this morning in a daily email from The Nonduality Highlights (a quote credited to Victor Frankl).

Does She want me to write about this subject? (Synchronicity implies an omnipotent Intelligence—an Intelligence which I call Her or She). Or does She want me to burn even more?

Both, I’m sure. You can always burn more.

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. It’s a wonderful phrase and it supports one of my favorite sayings, “The difference between a smart man and a wise man is the wise man has scars.”

My problem with most “nondual purists” (see Today’s Dusty and Dry Nondual Teachers) is that most of them don’t carry the scars from having gone through the Burning. They are all intellect and no emotion. All mind and no heart.

Look at the difference between my focus and theirs:

I write of Surrender and of the Light and of the Beauty and the Flow and the Oneness and the Balance and the Feel (and of course of Her, always of Her).

Practically all they write about is self inquiry: “Notice this, notice that, notice what is doing the noticing….” They talk as if enlightenment is all in your head.

How sad.

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. The Light comes from burning away the intellect (see My Frog Master). From burning away the repressed emotions (see my Dark Night of the Soul). From burning away the resistance to Her (see pretty much all of 2010).

The Light comes from Surrender, from letting go and dropping into the Void. It comes from burning yourself up until you are Nothing and She is Everything.

The Light will never come from fantasizing you don’t exist.


It comes from burning…

Burning until you are Nothing, and She is Everything.

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9 thoughts on “What Gives Light Must Endure Burning

  1. Wayne I was wondering in so many of your writings it is always the “She” you refer to, and yes I understand the Great Mother. Yet, is it fair to negate the Father as well? All of creation as we know it is dependent upon the interaction of duel forces working in unison “The Dance Of Life”. I have only asked this, because the statement “What Gives Light Must Endure Burning” is so symbolically representative of the Great Sacrificial Sun Kings that exist in every Mythos. Genuine illumination sears, scaring the mind, body, and soul. The few true Mystics who have by chance stumbled upon it’s reflection in their journeys and survived remain forever changed. You said “The Light comes from Surrender” could it perhaps be that the act of Surrendering occurs once one has endured The Light and chooses to claim a small reflective beam to share with humanity?

  2. Hi Cat,

    As to “She,” I call Her like I see Her. I’ve always seen Her as a lover, as the Beloved, as my Partner, so naturally, as a straight male, I see Her as female. She’s not a theory or religion or practice—She’s what I ‘see’ (see the previous blog post). Lately though, I’m also seeing her as a really good Friend but I’ll get into that in some future post. Either way, it is important to understand that the duality at the Radiant Level (see The Benefits of Mystical Oneness) is between me (a tiny little outline of what used to be Wayne Wirs) and Her (everything else) and not between a god incarnate and a Goddess. Now at the Oneness level, the two merge and there is only Everything/Nothing…Oneness.

    As to which comes first, the burning or surrender: Initially the surrender, then the ‘burn cycle,’ then it repeats back and forth. Surrender what you can, what was resisting burns away as She moves through the opening, rest, adapt, repeat.

    Thanks for your questions.

  3. More food for thought and meditation as always. 😉
    What intrigues me the most is that you still have a ‘problem” (“My problem with most “nondual purists”…”)
    At this stage i would think that would not matter at all to you… is the ‘problem’ just a ‘shadow side’ one?

  4. @Emily: Kind of makes both my points: There’s always more to burn, and the “intellectual” version of enlightenment is either heartless or delusional.

    You see, I also have a problem with people abusing animals. I have a problem with torture and rape and oppression. I have a problem with others suffering. The “intellectual nondualists” probably don’t, I’ve heard them say, “It’s all illusion.” I have a problem with that. Not with the concept, I’m down with that, but with the heartlessness of it. I have a problem with that.

    Reality is both Empty AND Full—yet most nondual purists seem to think the Fullness is nothing worth considering. I have a problem with that because it leads to separation from compassion, separation from love for your fellow human beings. It leads to nihilism and elitism. Most of all, it leads to a denigration of Her and all the Beauty that She brings to all Forms (the Fullness).

    If I still need to surrender and allow it to burn out of me—allow Her to burn out of me—well, I’m just not ready to do that. I’m certain that’s not what She wants. 🙂

    Thanks Emily.

  5. @Wayne .. I can’t seem to wrap my head or heart around the non-dual purists theorem either. As close as I can come to it, is expressed in the word I chose to represent the “Dance of Life”, in (unison). Whether one sees it in the movement of waveforms, having the same fundamental frequency, yet differing in the amplitudes of their higher harmonics. Or as I have chosen to view it as the many in “one voice” evoking an all consuming Love. Even the greatest of the non-dualist thinkers “Tibetan Monks” recognize and honor dualistic unison in their chanting. And, I do agree that the act of surrendering to the ‘burn cycle,’ as you stated is a must, to survive it. Perhaps, I was referring to the greater Light not coming from us, but emanating from us once one has surrendered to the reflection of the Light. It is my belief to view ,what we will call The Light, would consume us in this form, as it is the the ultimate act of transformation. At any rate thanks for another thought invoking piece.

  6. What Gives Light Must Endure Burning…

    I once experienced a similar shift in understanding when I happened to glance at a magazine ad that featured a tugboat on the sea at sunset. Its searchlight was lit and I realized, “Oh, in order to see, an entity must allow itself to be seen.”

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