What is the Ego? (Re-Revisited)

Two Geese

DENVER, CO—I don’t usually use the word ego when talking about Mystical Oneness because the term ego has so many connotations.

As I see it, the ego consists of three distinct layers:

  • Layer 1: The Personal Story
  • Layer 2: The Personality
  • Layer 3: The Ego Barrier

If you seek enlightenment, rather than trying to “drop the ego” all at once, it is much simpler to shed the ego by transcending its individual layers one at a time:

Though each of these layers may feel like they are a part of you… they are not. They’re just mental fluff and conditioning, nothing more.

PS: Transcend doesn’t mean fix, or drop. By transcend I mean to see past it, to dis-identify with it, to distance yourself from it. See your Story, Personality, and Ego Barrier in the same way as you see any other Horton: not you, just another mental image.

PPS: For my previous, pre-mystical attempts to define the ego, see this entry and this entry (Yeah, I know, but this a blog, not a book, and Life’s messy that way).

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4 thoughts on “What is the Ego? (Re-Revisited)

  1. Interesting analysis, Wayne.
    I am not sure it resonates with me. As a Non-dualist, it is clear Source provided the ego as an essential element of the body/mind organism for survival in the realm of the relative. By the same token God or Source will lift “the veil” that ego keeps drawn when It decides.
    The illusion of self-will or free will to do the lifting, well, I can’t see the ego committing suicide. To me I no longer view as the enemy nor do I believe it is particularly a “barrier”– anymore than clothes on our body are barriers.
    I see the ego as first a way of identifying ourselves–You are Wayne I am Jim. It also describes how I function–“I do this or that as opposed to You doing. And it claims ownership of people places and things. My book, my wife, my car, my hometown. Ego’s sense of doer-ship is where the course becomes more challenging. hahaha

  2. li like where your going with this. It would be nice if we could all just see staight through the ego at once and drop it. But most of us seem to benefit from a bit of structure & smaller steps along the path. Hope to see more in-depth soon.

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