Why We Forget Past Lives

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PALM BAY, FL—As many of you know I’m a firm believer in reincarnation. One of the big questions is, “If I have past lives, how come I don’t remember them?” My answer below the break.

In the Implications of the Soul (free ebook), I mention how beneficial it is to forget past lives. Would you want to remember who murdered you or your family? Would you want to remember which tribes/cultures/countries you warred with? Would you want to remember loved ones who you have no hope of ever finding again?

For your own sanity, wouldn’t it better to forget those past lives and start over with a clean slate?

But there is a possible scientific explanation for why past lives are forgotten. From Changes of Mind: A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness:

Oxytocin, the mother’s principle hormone for inducing uterine contractions and lactation, is thought to cause infantile amnesia, a normal occurrence in mammals at birth (Catano and Catano 1987; Verny and Kelly 1982). The baby’s system and the womb environment are awash in oxytocin from the time the mother’s contractions begin.

During the birth process, we are literally bathed in a hormone which causes amnesia. Oxytocin not only makes us forget the trauma of being born (the pain, the slime, the bright lights, …), but also our past lives.

Maybe it’s an evolutionary thing. A way to keep us sane, to keep us from detesting those who’ve wronged us in the past—to keep us from living lives of constant revenge and hatred.

Forgiveness is a lot easier when you’ve already forgotten.

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3 thoughts on “Why We Forget Past Lives

  1. You may as well remove this post. What do hormones released post-contractions have to do with anything? There are plenty of babies born before a mother goes into labor. Usually medical emergencies, sometimes scheduled Cesareans for other reasons. And there are plenty of babies who never breastfeed or drink mother’s oxytocin-packed milk, either. As far as I know, people born without the oxytocin wash don’t claim to remember anything pre-infancy, either. I really don’t want to write an annoying internet know-it-all comment (well, clearly, I do, because I just did– maybe I should have done the work on my emotions instead), but I love this blog and this post makes no sense.

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