Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time Fixing Yourself

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT—I often receive emails from readers asking for advice (and I encourage this). Many of them though are based on an attachment to their “mortal” life. One of the coolest things about living as a Soul is that practically all of your “problems” immediately evaporate.

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An Alternative to Self-Help

Before I woke up, I was in a constant “fix myself” mode. I was always trying to make myself better, smarter, more perfect. Judging by the number of self-help books out there, I wasn’t the only one.

90% of my problems though, damn near all of them, were mortal-based problems. When you stop believing that you’re a mortal human being and truly feel yourself to be someone who jumps from life to life to life to (eventually) Oneness, then all those silly my-life-sucks-based issues become negligible and irrelevant.

In other words, when you live as a Soul, you transcend your problems and they automatically fall away.

The Crux of the Issue Is This:

You can spend your life trying to fix yourself: your weight, your insecurities, your greeds, your desires, your noisy mind, your phobias, your fears, your angers, your regrets, your addictions, your wrinkles, your finances, your envies, your jealousies, your health, your aches and pains, your attachments…


You can say, “Pffft. That’s not me,” and TRANSCEND all that crap by living as a Soul.

The Problem with Demons (and Self-Help)

Jed McKenna probably said it best when he wrote that your demons aren’t trying to WIN a war against you, they’re just running a holding action. They aren’t trying to BEAT you, they are just trying to keep you stuck in this place, right here in this mud you call your life.

Now, if you play their game (as I used to) you’ve got to spend a lot of time and energy marshaling your forces, assaulting their fortifications, pounding on them, struggling in hand-to-hand combat with them and finally breaking through EACH AND EVERY ONE of their strongholds.

Not just once. In order to WIN the war against your demons (ie: find happiness according to the self-help gurus), you’ve got to beat ALL your demons. The path of self-help means you’ve got to beat your Jealousy demons, your Regret demons, your Fear demons, your Weight demons…

A Much, Much Simpler Way…

But there is another way, a much simpler way. You TRANSCEND your demons. You say, “F*** you guys. I quit this war. I’m turning around and walking away. There’s a better way of living than this and I’m taking it.”

McKenna’s path to enlightenment (and transcending your demons) is to take a good hard look at yourself and find the truth about who is experiencing all these experiences through deep introspection and self-interrogation until “you” disappear completely into enlightenment.

My path to enlightenment (Mystical Oneness) is to take it a step at a time (Mortal to Soul to Radiance to Oneness).

The nice thing about my method is that the very first step—from Mortal to Soul—will kill 90% of your demons.

Regardless of which method you choose—mine, McKenna’s or some other non-dual approach—all non-dual methods TRANSCEND your problems/demons. You don’t fight your problems—you don’t try to overcome them—you simply shift your identity, your plane of existence so to speak, and your “demons” stop becoming a problem. You transcend them.

The funny thing is, as soon as you make that shift—from mortal to Soul—most of those demons lose their energy, dry up and disappear overnight. Effortlessly.

The deeper, more repressed demons (see my Dark Night of the Soul and my Dark Nights of Anger)—like deeply embedded splinters—eventually work their way out on their own. Again, effortlessly.

Why It Works

Why does transcending work?

Since you’ve “walked away” from your demons (transcended them), your demons have no one left to fight against. Frustrated, they’ll maybe call you names and shoot you the bird as they walk off the battlefield (your dark nights), but that’s it. After that, you’re done with them for good.

Shifting from Mortal to Soul is a much easier, faster and effective approach than the long, drawn out self-help route.

The simple truth is: In order to find lasting inner peace, you don’t have to fix your mortal self… you just need to transcend it.


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10 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time Fixing Yourself

  1. I have one.

    Just got this idea while reading something by Osho. He says that we are just waves of the ocean and we shouldn`t be the “doer”, we should stop worrying about everything, because in the end we will go back to our source, the ocean, and everything we ever were will dissipate into the universal consciousness.

    And that got me thinking. Why would we want or try to drop our ego, our persona? What for? It is an illusion indeed, a self-made one. But why this call to drop it when we are already home, there is nowhere else to go. It can only come from insatisfaction with ourselves, from our lack of happiness and harmony. But being on this plane is basically the same with being out of harmony. The world by itself is a creation of our ego.

    So why should we transcend the ego? Because if you think about it, we came on this plane with the sole purpose of playing a role, of building up an ego, with good and with bad. No master ever said that we had another purpose here but to waken up. But we are already awakened, just that we live in this self-made dream which will disappear as soon as we leave this world.

    So right now I dont see the motivation in dropping the ego, or in keeping it either. And I`m afraid that our desire to “transcend” it is just another way of running from the present.

  2. @Joson: Cool. Welcome.

    @Andrei: “But why this call to drop it when we are already home…?”

    Welcome to the blog Andrei. Why drop the ego if you are already home? Because most people don’t live or feel they are already home. They may understand it rationally, but if they don’t feel it (which is obvious from people’s actions), then their minds are just fooling themselves.

    It’s one thing to think it and understand it, but if we don’t LIVE it and FEEL that we are enlightened at our deepest core, then we—along with well over 99% of the population—are suffering from the Demon of Explaining Away. 🙂

    Happiness (and it’s yin counterpart Contentment) comes from FEELING, not from UNDERSTANDING.

  3. True. You nailed it to the head there. It`s easy to logically understand something but if you don`t “live” it then it`s nothing more than yet another concept. Might be easier to deal with every day life, but it still doesn`t come “natural”, still something is missing. And that is my case as well. The mind conceptualizes the feeling and transforms it into yet another object.

  4. @carole: “Transcend and Include…” That’s from either Ken Wilbur or Jed McKenna right? Anyway, I agree, but not at the Soul level (which is what I’m talking about here). In fact, all the levels Mortal, Soul, Radiance do not bother with “include” because they are all about transcending. It is only in the Oneness (not a real level, just everything) where the “including” is done (you’re nothing AND everything).

    Thanks for the opportunity to clarify carole, and welcome to the blog.

  5. “Happiness comes from FEELING, not from UNDERSTANDING.”

    I “understand” that now. And how can I feel it? Because right now I feel trapped. I feel like exploding. Theres so much inside of me and I dont know how to find release. I feel trapped in flesh, pretty much. There`s a longing that cant be materialized. Because I cant break free from this prison. I want to be one with everybody and everything. I “understand” this longing of mine., it pushes me out. But I CAN`T go anywhere and its a long way past midnight here and it drives me bonkers. Please, how can I really FEEL this oneness?

  6. @Andrei: It’s simple, at least it’s simple to explain: Act and live as if you are a Soul. Use Life to reinforce this, to act as your mentor, to be your “experimental lab” where you test living as a Soul. Live it and you will very quickly feel where you are taking life far too seriously (which is a sign of identifying with being a Mortal).

    Screw Oneness for now. So many people try to skip the very important steps of Soul and Radiance (and just as many people fail).

    Live as a Soul. Live it. That is how you feel it.

    Here are some posts about living as a Soul.

  7. Hmm, yeah I guess I want too much too soon and maybe I should take the foot off acceleration. Or maybe regardless of what I do there will still be moments when I`ll feel like I`m trapped in a “no man`s land” in order to eliminate waste. Or maybe it`s “my” self struggling for survival. Dunno…
    Thank you for the tips though. I`ll prolly bug you some more in the future 🙂

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