One Of Those Days

Stuck Truck

OASIS SP, NM—Yesterday, I got the truck stuck in the sand. Anything I did just made it worse, just made the hole deeper.

There was no phone service.

There was no Internet.

But it was in a state park, so there was no danger either.

I used my truck jack to lift the trailer up so I could block it and level it (a large tilt will kill the refrigerator), and set up camp.

This morning, I went to the park’s visitor center and called for a tow. He got my truck out, then got stuck himself. We managed to get him free but that left me with the problem of getting my trailer out of there without getting re-stuck.

The ranger then called a friend of hers who had a big four wheel drive and he just slid right in there, pulled the trailer out and set me up in a new site. He didn’t even want anything for it (but I tipped him well).

The ranger, feeling guilty for all my troubles and not thinking of calling her friend first, upgraded my site (the NM park pass is free for no-hookups) and said I could stay as long as I wanted.

With the full hookup site, my A/C is keeping me cool in this really hot weather, and I even have Internet up here on the hill.

Still no phone, but I can live with that.

What did I learn from all this?

  • When you live as a Soul, strangers are really amazed at how carefree you are about “serious problems.”
  • Everything has to work out (eventually).
  • When you start to get stuck: stop, turn off the engine, jack up the wheels, and put your RV leveling blocks under your tires for traction.
  • My next truck will have four wheel drive.

Watching and Waiting

My Office

BRANTLEY LAKE SP, NM—In the morning, I set up my little shelter and table and laptop next to the lake and write a few hours. She’s got me working on a diet book of all things. Either She wants me to lose weight or generate a steady source of income. Either would be nice.

I’m down 15 pounds.

It’s been effortless.

So there’s that.

Later the winds pick up and I take the shelter down and move inside.

The afternoons are starting to get hot and I consider moving northward.

Northward feels right—but not just yet.

I wait.

I’ve gotten good at waiting for Her guidance.

At waiting for Her whispers.

Higher Ground

New Camp

BRANTLEY LAKE SP, NM—I awoke this morning to the gentle lapping of water near my trailer—much closer than it was when I went to bed.

With the lake waters rising, I quickly hooked up and moved the rig to higher ground. I’m still lakeside, on a little cove, but with about a six foot elevation rather than the six inches of my last spot. The rangers told me later that they’re allowing the water level to come up in preparation for the spring irrigations, and that I’ll be fine where I’m at.

I would have moved onward to another park, but I want to see how long I can last with my water tank. One of the main reasons I bought this model travel trailer is because it has a large freshwater tank—50 gallons, as well as decent-sized black and grey tanks—35 gallons each.

It’s been almost three weeks now, and I’m still holding out well. I’ve been drinking bottled water and showering at the campground restrooms, both of which have helped conserve my water supply dramatically.

I’m using the New Mexico Annual Camping Permit ($225) and pretty much after you spend three weeks camping, it’s paid for. I bought mine in the beginning of March and it’s good through March 31, 2013, so for the next 12 months my New Mexico camping (at any of their state parks) is free.

Free camping. Free water. Free showers. Free dump stations.

And plenty of sun means free electricity.

Soul Resources…

Sunset over Lake Brantley

BRANTLEY LAKE SP, NM—I’ve compiled a Resources page for the Soul Level (found on the sidebar to the right) and posted it online.

I was going to try to consolidate the two PDF documents that I had given to my former students (Mystical Oneness: A Brief Introduction to the Soul Level and Mystical Oneness: Adapting to the Soul Level), but realized I would have to re-work them a bit to make them flow coherently into an all-in-one document on the Soul level. So I’m just posting them as-is (they can be found on the Soul Resources Page). They are very useful guides and provide a “how-to” for making the leap of faith from Mortal to Soul.

I’ve also added a Student Info page to provide readers with more information on where I’m at in taking on new students and what I’ll require of them.

Lastly, I’m researching a new project, but I need to keep it under wraps for now while I get a clearer vision of it.

When the World is Perfect

Rocks in a Clear Lake


Both the bees and the scouts have left. Once again, the camp is empty.

Nothing has really changed. It is as if they were never here.

Each morning, and each evening, a group of ducks gather just offshore from my camp. One by one, each bird does a little hop/dive and disappears under the water only to surface again a few moments later—a blade grass in its mouth.

Upon surfacing, each duck shakes its head violently back and forth, as if it is trying to clear the water from its ears.

Sandpipers skitter along the shoreline, poking their beaks into the mud.

Sometimes I leave bread for them.

I sit in my chair, exhale, open up, and my boundaries vanish into Her.

I breathe in and out. The wind blows and the far shore caresses my skin.

In the Vastness, the One and the Many are transcended.

In the space between thoughts, the World is perfect.

Dual Infestations

Bees Moving In


Apparently, my “no neighbors” remark from yesterday’s post was premature (or anti-precognitive?).

Today, my serene lakeside beach camp became infested—infested I tell you—not with cows (with horns), but with both boy scouts and bees in my air conditioner (the bees are in my air conditioner, not the boy scouts).

My Dark Side immediately pondered, “I’m sure there’s a way to get these two forces to somehow negate each other…”

Toughing It Out

Looking Out My Front Door


I explored the region the last few days. I drove north to see if Bottomless Lakes would be my next camp—it won’t. I poked around Carlsbad to see if either my old spot, or a place on the reservoir would do—they don’t.

When I asked the ranger here how long you can camp, he said, “For hook up sites, it’s three weeks, but for where you’re at, you can stay as long as you want.”

Twenty feet from the lake, the aquamarine waters lapping at the shore, and no neighbors.

I guess I can put up with it a little longer.

A Shift

The Sun and the Dust Storm


The fast is over. Dark yet empty emotions, like a flame without fuel, have flared, and burned and vanished. This cleansing, both difficult and painful, feels exhausted.

Something has changed. There is a softness now. Radiance and Oneness feel transcended—integrated—yet this fusion feels tenuous.

It feels as if the Vast Living Openness of Oneness now has a glowing core centered in the chest. Both Love and Warmth radiate from this inner ball of Light, shining out into the boundless surroundings.

Deeply embedded conditioning pulls it back—contracting me—but then the Light flares once again—outward—and I am gone, nothing, everything, Awareness, Consciousness itself, the Universe, Her, unified, undivided, whole

I am…?

The Light flares outward and I just am.

The Wind

Last Shot of the Awning

BRANTLEY LAKE SP, NM—I’ve been fasting and meditating on the Radiance and the Oneness and the Wind and the Fire.

Then my awning blew off. Shook the trailer so hard it popped open the cabinets.

Maybe there is something to be said for why some spiritual teachings are kept secret.

I loved that awning. I’m going to miss it.