Flowing With Her

View From Camp

HERON LAKE SP, NM—In the morning, I drove north to meet up with Randy’s Quest for Community Caravan. As I pulled through their camping area, all the sites were either taken or had a picnic table blocking them. Though I could have easily un-blocked a site, that’s not how I work anymore—that’s not how you flow with Her.

I drove on to the next camping area, less than a 1/4 mile further on, but it had no sites which appealed to me. I pulled into a primitive area right next door, pulled the rig off the road and explored the area on foot to see if I could get in close to the lake.

No luck. But when I returned to where I had parked, I realized that the spot that I had quite offhandedly stopped at, was a perfect campsite: A great view, a few trees for afternoon shade, good Internet and lots of privacy.

I smiled to myself (and in silent gratitude) at how once again She seems to have guided me.

I leveled the rig, walked down to the lake for a swim, then went over to Randy’s for an afternoon chat.

Her Embrace


RIANA COE CAMPGROUND, NM—The sun beat down, the wind died and the heat started to build. I stripped to my shorts, ambled down to the rocks, and dove deep into the lake.

My body’s lack of buoyancy surprised me and it took some effort to swim back to the surface. The loss of 30 pounds of fat and the less buoyant fresh water made it harder to float. Still, the cool depths felt soothing—felt comforting. The deep still waters felt like home.

Though I love the forests and mountains, the deserts and open plains, it is while immersed in an ocean or submerged in a large lake that I feel closest to God.

At one with the water yet separate in body, I surrender to Her currents—relax into Her embrace.

Any lover knows this feeling—the feeling of being Separate yet One.

Why You Suffer

Storm over Abiquiu Lake


You suffer because you take life seriously.

You take life seriously because you were conditioned into believing you are a Mortal.

If you re-condition your thoughts into believing you are a Soul, then you will naturally stop taking life so seriously.

If you stop taking life so seriously, then your suffering will end on its own.

The New-Age Barrier


SOMEWHERE IN THE DESERT OUTSIDE ESPANOLA, NM—New-Agers are very lucky. Some can channel spirits. Some can read minds. Some can discern the future. Some have incredible success with The Secret or the Law of Attraction.

Most New-Agers though, suck when it comes to Oneness.

More below the break (huh?).

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SOMEWHERE IN THE DESERT OUTSIDE ESPANOLA, NM—The book launch and promotion have ended with no major bugs or mishaps. Lots of little things could have gone wrong—and a few did—but nothing major.

Hopefully you grabbed a free copy of The Carefree Diet, but if you didn’t, I’ve added some free bonuses that make purchasing a copy worthwhile (especially if you’re a spiritual seeker).

If you’ve signed up to become an affiliate (or are considering it), then now’s a good time to start talking up The Carefree Diet on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and to your fellow co-workers.

15 bucks a pop is nothing to sneeze at and I’m happy to pay it if it will help people lose weight and generate some interest in the diet.

What I Mean By “Fundamental Nondualists”

Barbwirs and Wood

SOMEWHERE IN THE DESERT OUTSIDE ESPANOLA, NM—OK, I’ll admit they get my goat (and I can hear them now, “What? You can’t be enlightened, you have a goat!”)

Let me confess: I was a fundamental nondualist for over two decades. More below the break (huh?).

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Camp on the Rio Grande Gorge

THE RIO GRANDE GORGE, NMShe told me to wait, so I waited. I left the next morning, and, because I had waited, the muddy road had dried enough so that I didn’t get stuck (But almost. Almost).

Later a ranger came by and said I couldn’t camp here. He said I could stay the night though, to allow the road to dry some more.

My internet connection is spotty—sometimes fast, sometimes nonexistent—so I’m OK with moving on tomorrow.

The Illusion of Separation

The Open Window

Taos Ski Valley, NM

The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.
— Yasutani Roshi

The mind can grasp this concept fairly easily:

Boundaries and borders are just in our heads. The sense of separation is just a persistent thought.

To live it? Not so easy.

When you stop living as a Mortal and start living as a Soul, your boundaries start to fade.

When you stop living as a Soul and start living as Radiance, your boundaries fade even more.

Finally, when you stop living as Radiance and start living as Oneness, when you drop the belief in separation altogether, then you are free of the “fundamental delusion.”

You must deeply believe that separation is an illusion. It has to be felt. It’s not just a concept to be grasped.

To awaken, Oneness must be lived, not just understood.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

I Love You

Not a Chipmunk

Taos Ski Valley, NM—I receive a lot of emails from people claiming to be awake or awakening. Sometimes it’s their ego latching hold of a satori experience, but other times, it’s a true awakening—a dropping away of their personal self.

A couple weeks ago, I got this email from a woman who wrote—and this is why I knew her awakening was legit:

I have developed a form of Tourette’s where I will just blurt out to myself: “I love you!” (And I really mean it.)

When your personal self starts to fade away, when you stop taking yourself and Life so seriously, a connection forms between ‘you’ and all life forms. A connection so powerful that you—very literally—love everything and everyone.

Not some religious or theoretical BS of “love your neighbor” or “everything is loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee,” but a very real, very intimate and personal love for every living thing on the planet.

Today, I was sitting on my rig’s doorstep, completely one with all that I was seeing, when a chipmunk ran by. What popped out of my mind and flowed directly from my heart (and with a big grin on my face) was, “I love you.” God, how I love you.

It hurts how much I loved that chipmunk.

I love everything. I love you. I love the trees. I love the clouds. I even love the damn cars and trucks roaring by my rig—well, at least I love their occupants.

When your boundaries fade, everything—your ‘self’ included—becomes One. Everything becomes intimately connected, and because love is about connection, and because you feel this very sensual and intimate connection with everything, Love becomes your natural state.

How can you not love everything you feel connected to? How could the feeling of love not be your natural state?

Do you see? It’s not something to be believed or figured out. Love is simply the way you feel—what you experience—when you drop your personal self and connect with everything.

So don’t take this personally—it’s just my nature and I simply can’t help myself—but I love you.