A Koan for the Spiritual Seeker


Coyote Creek SP, NM

What would your life be like if you couldn’t hear your thoughts?

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11 thoughts on “A Koan for the Spiritual Seeker

  1. OMG! It would be HEAVEN here on earth!!! No more, “what’d you do/say that for?, what is wrong with you?, you are too fat, look, she’s a lot skinnier….need I go on…..It goes on and on and on…..SUCKS!!!!!!!

  2. Interesting that you mention, i call it the Trap Door effect. I will be walking to take out trash or what ever then out of the blue nothing nada zero zilch, just open wonder.

    Only thing is i dont control this, it seems to just happen on its own out of the blue. what is that and in your experience is this controllable in any fasion?


  3. Mainly for Tim, no you can not control these ‘happenings’; if you did they wouldn’t be genuine, at least you know they are not due to self hypnosis and auto suggestion.
    I often have these happenings, but this is Wayne’s blog site so it’s up to him to respond or not. I will just say though, welcome to Gnothi Seauton – ‘Know Thy Self’

  4. Hi Wayne,
    I was introduced to your blog a few weeks back and have been enjoying it’s poetry and wisdom regularly since. You often talk about walking the talk, and though you have most likely heard of this fellow before, I just thought I’d share the link with you nevertheless. He has been living without money for over a decade, and his website is well worth a look:


    He is definitely practicing what he preaches.
    One word too about teachers of non-duality. You mention Eckhart Tolle: my feeling is this guy had an experience which he had not looked for, then let it integrate into his life and passed it on in his own words. He also speaks of the underlying intelligence that is at work in the universe, of creativity, synchronicity and other such phenomena. As such, I don’t think he has overlooked the wonder of God nor is limiting enlightenment to the mere realization of oneness…

    Look forward to reading more. I love your photos, there is a certain (what I would call) Zen quality to them, only the essentials are there, no trimmings.


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