A Mystic Lives In Paradox

Alberta Park Reservoir, CO


The fundamental nondualist believes in one Truth:

  1. Everything is One.

The Mystic believes in two Truths:

  1. Everything is One.
  2. Everything is separate.

The Mystic lives in paradox.

More below the break (huh?).

para means between. dox means teaching or truth.

The Mystic lives between two truths.

Many nondualist will say that Truth #1 is greater than, or more true, than #2. They say that “Everything is One” is absolute truth, while “Everything is separate” is merely relative truth.

I used to agree with this—that is, I used to agree with it before I woke up.

I used to agree with it when Enlightenment/Oneness was a theory—something I had only glimpsed—not something I was forced to live.

The Mystic flows in Life. There are no fixed concepts, no fixed points, no absolutes.

The Mystic flows between Truths; between the spiritual and the physical; between the Mortal and Soul and Radiance and Oneness .

The Mystic flows between the two contradictory Truths of Oneness and Separation.

Neither Truth is greater than the other. Each Truth is equally valid. Each Truth is equally true.

The Mystic recognizes that the space between these two Truths is actually the source of these Truths and that to live authentically, he must transcend these “truths” and live in the space between.

The space between truths is never of the mind—never of theory. The space between truths is the Source of all there is. It is at once both the Source of life… and Life Itself.

The space between two Truths is beyond words, beyond concepts—and yet it is very real. It is in this place—this mysterious place beyond thought itself—where the Mystic resides.

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5 thoughts on “A Mystic Lives In Paradox

  1. I dont know what to say.
    The paradox is the first thing we see.
    The paradox was the title of the book I never wrote.
    I agree with you.
    The reason I choose not to pay attention to the ammount of attention to the creation, is probably that (for “me”) the “truth” I saw was, that in “my” perspective, the only “problem” what so ever, is just that:
    that we tend to pay too much attention too the created part of existence…
    The created part should maybe be put in relation to its importence.. that is how I see it.
    I may be in delusion.
    Why I reason this way, is because I think our “attention” is only important to us (the human beeings) with our sense of self and our unability to let go of our attention.
    The trees… the rabbits… the deer… the wind around the arrow… the fearles death of the deer… our attention always go to the pain we project… to our own fear…
    This is not a competition.
    You are perfect Wayne, and so am I.
    We are the same. You and me.
    I can honestly say that I think you are so important, you illuminate love and allowing.
    I cant see what you want me to. I just see what I see. I cant even question that.
    I does not matter if I am delusional 🙂 I am ok. I hope I have not hurt you or anyone else. If I did, I didnt do it on purpose. I know you have seen it all. All of it.
    I see that.

  2. Hi Wayne, I think the “Fundamental nondualist” you describe are only the ones that have read the books or only understand it in the mind? I have heard a few stories about them where they argue there is nobody to do this or that etc. But having my own path walk along advaita for two years after an awakening, seeking to understand and stabilize, I found it very liberating in the truest sense.

    Perhaps the ones you have been burdened by in one of your previous posts are also referred to as “neo advaita”? I cannot say, but I can only say my own experiences.

    I with full heart love this post, be in the world not of it. I feel so many great teachers that have come before have said the same thing. They were so full of love, grace, and compassion. They all sought to ease the suffering of others and cared for this world so deeply.

    Thank you, lokin

  3. Thanks Wayne. Words are tricky. I thought I would disagree with what you said about not two but two but I understand the space, I experience the space and living between. 🙂

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