A Shift

The Sun and the Dust Storm


The fast is over. Dark yet empty emotions, like a flame without fuel, have flared, and burned and vanished. This cleansing, both difficult and painful, feels exhausted.

Something has changed. There is a softness now. Radiance and Oneness feel transcended—integrated—yet this fusion feels tenuous.

It feels as if the Vast Living Openness of Oneness now has a glowing core centered in the chest. Both Love and Warmth radiate from this inner ball of Light, shining out into the boundless surroundings.

Deeply embedded conditioning pulls it back—contracting me—but then the Light flares once again—outward—and I am gone, nothing, everything, Awareness, Consciousness itself, the Universe, Her, unified, undivided, whole

I am…?

The Light flares outward and I just am.

It's Time To Wake Up

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It's Time Let Go

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