A Voice From The Past


Storrie Lake SP, NM—The above is a photo from Fading Toward Enlightenment of Leticia. Hadn’t heard from her in years until she commented on my birthday post yesterday. Hi Leticia!

Took me awhile to find the image in from my old blog. That was back when, if you blogged, you had to write your own website from scratch. No Facebook, no WordPress, no Blogger. It’s kind of a pain to navigate the site, but it was cool to see all the old photos and posts.

We’ve come a long way in 10 years.

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5 thoughts on “A Voice From The Past

  1. I find it fascinating how many past lives we have wrapped up in the present one.

    Yes the past can be a bit of a pain to navigate but it is cool to see the stories and pictures, and smile with the memories.

  2. I remember this photo! I remember the old blog and everything… I would read it in my home studio, munching on cookies. I was married back then, not acknowledging that my life was not OK, and living in a different country… Wow, so much have changed since then, but it is so great to know that you are still out there, doing your thing. Congratulations on this wonderful compilation of photos, thoughts and experiences and THANK YOU FOR SHARING ALL THIS WITH THE WORLD!

    Miss you tons, Wayne.


  3. Conditioning is conditioning but sexual condition is the beast. Lord take away this desire but please not today. However if you are somehow able to experience life without sexual desire, you are pretty much free of it all. At least my experience so far.

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