A Walk in Oneness

Yellow Leaves in Grey


An example of Mystical Oneness in action… below the break (what does “below the break” mean?).

It was cold this morning as I stepped out of my rig. My mind was filled with questions and concerns and was voicing them. “What should you blog about next? You’re being too serious in your posts, too ‘teachy,’ too theoretical and abstract.” On and on the mind talked and judged and questioned. (The Mortal Level).

After a few minutes, I pushed the thoughts away, like sweeping a table clean with a swoop of the arm and I took in my surroundings which had only vaguely registered while my mind was so noisy and preoccupied.

The leaves are almost all yellow now and the sunlight causes them to a glow with a beautiful brilliance. My steps crunch on the gravel rhythmically, and I feel the cool air on my face, and my heart opens in appreciation of this sweet, fleeting moment. Never will I see this instance again and—in that recurring realization—I feel a deep love for this Temporary Eternal Present. (The Soul Level).

I go deeper into this feeling of Love, of its purity, of its warmth and light. I open more and turn my attention to the Illumination that allows the Love to be felt and experienced. As I continue to walk, I experience Her/God as the Light, the Love, the Illumination inside all the things that surround me—even this body and the organs within it I feel as Her, as the Energy, as the Life Force. And I look for the “me” and feel just a thin outline of my former self as I walk along this road in the Light and the Love that is Her. (The Radiant Level).

And still I open more. I focus on this thin, but still solid outline that is me-separate-from-Her and I visualize grasping hold of it at the top of my head and lifting it up and away and dropping it by the side of the road and my boundaries vanish and I vanish and She and I become One and everything is One and I am nothing and She is everything and I am Her and Everything and Nothing at once. (The Emptiness Level).

And I/She/We walk and the mind talks it talk and the Moment is seen in its beauty and the Love is felt and the Light illuminates everything. And nothing, absolutely nothing, is out of place or wrong or needs fixing. (Mystical Oneness).

And I/She/We walk in the cool, morning air…

And the gravel crunches under our steps.

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4 thoughts on “A Walk in Oneness

  1. I’ve struggled with your levels before and wondered why you differentiate. Its great to read your descriptive experience of each level, helps to clarify, and its beautiful writing. Yet as you reduce the mental chatter, the experience of non-duality and presence increases. Why is it important to divide it up?

  2. @Michael: Though there are many reasons I give such attention to the levels, the main point is to provide a path to Oneness rather than an all-or-nothing leap. Baby steps are usually far more successful—and far less painful. 🙂

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