Alone with Her


Steele Creek Park, COE Camp, Whitney, TX—I seem to be spending this time in solitude shoring up my faith in Her/God.

That may sound funny, coming from someone who talks about Her all the time, but it has only been in the last couple of years (ever since I woke up) that She has been coalescing out of my mind… and into my reality (see Synchronicity and Evidence).

Faith takes practice. I don’t think I know of anyone (in the non-virtual world) who’s beliefs are in full harmony with their lives. For example: the religious often sin (risk eternal damnation) and atheists are often fearful (what’s to be afraid of if you just blank out at death?).

So what I’m spending my days doing is sliding in and out of Oneness—between Radiance and Oneness—and trying to grasp Her essence.

The reality of Her/God. Not just in theory, not just in my mind, but to deeply feel Her and readily see Her in every tree and lake and bird and cloud.

So I’m spending this time in isolation—completely alone but never alone—with My Love.

With Her.

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7 thoughts on “Alone with Her

  1. To US, it would be useful if you could tie your thoughts/realizations to some pre-existing teachings which WE might possibly relate to.

    Otherwise, we may as well be reading writings written into our own diaries.


  2. @Thomas: Welcome to the blog Thomas. If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to read the Start Here tab above. If you have already read it, then let me know as that means it isn’t doing its job! 🙂

    Lately though, my posts have been more of a personal diary than teaching. That is my intention as I’m currently exploring more deeply into what it means to be a Mystic (vs an “Emptiness” nondual teacher). See Dec 10th when this “pull” struck me.

  3. Hello Wayne,
    your trying to grasp Her essence reminds me of a thought I had while watching the marine birds on the mudflats. They are perfectly adapted to their environment, as are all Earthly lifeforms, except Humankind. From this, I ask, how natural are we to planet Earth ? Is this mystical restlessness that some experience, a pull from our ‘true home’ ? Are we Her without knowing it ? Her essence is us, so we never easily realise it ?

  4. @Kevin: “Are we Her without knowing it?” – We are like Her organs. Completely whole in ourselves. Completely made up of Her. Each of us an aspect of Her. – But She’s a whole lot more than us.

  5. Hello Wayne,
    once again, thanks for your answer. My experiences of awareness have only been brief and happen spontaneously outside of the quiet contemplative mode. Never long enough to fully appreciate that feeling of ‘absolute happiness’ and that everything is perfect, before my attention returns to the ‘physical world’. So that I’m left wondering, was my brain/mind playing tricks ? To know that we are all ‘outposts’ of Her is encouraging; no more speculation, there is oneness. I now have a trusted seed to nurture. Just have to be patient and let the awareness develope into oneness, let it happen if it wants to, not forced; and you thought you’ve given up teaching.

  6. “I’m spending my days … trying to grasp Her essence”

    What we speak becomes the house we live in.
    ~ Hafiz

    This trying to grasp is a fool’s errand. No one has ever or will ever succeed at this effort. It is pleasing and reinforcing of the separate-self-sense to be involved in this seeking of the Big One, the realization of which is simply the absence of said seeker, who exists only in thought. A more helpful conceptioning is:
    I am softening into myself Here, and offering whatever arises directly to Her. The more I open in this way, the deeper into the heart of my self-recoil the knots are loosened, and facing Her, I relinquish my knowledge of these limitations, these feelings of infinite limitation, which now that I am facing Her, can at last be felt without qualification. Thus the complex of relatedness that is founded on these buried knots (which I presently take to be myself) dissolves by itself…She does it all, while I do nothing but adore Her as This.

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