Authentic Living

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  • Thoughts without actions are useless.
  • Words without actions are hypocritical.
  • Meditation will not quiet your mind.
  • Mindfulness will not awaken you.
  • Repeating wise words does not make you wise.
  • Preaching does not make you a saint.
  • Acting good does not make you good.
  • Whatever you cling to, you will lose.
  • Everything in the Universe is temporary—except You.
  • You are not your thoughts, past, sins, job, or roles.
  • You are nothing.
  • You are Everything.
  • You lie behind, before, and below your thoughts.
  • You have no borders or boundaries.
  • Zero You’s equal zero Me’s.
  • Zero You’s equal Everything.
  • You are Nothing and Everything.
  • You are not what you think you are.

You cannot understand this—but you can live it.

But if you do live it, live it authentically (the mystic lives in paradox), because if you don’t live it authentically—if you don’t live it all—then you’re just fooling yourself.

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