Back to the Stream

Sitting on a Rock in a Stream in the Woods

Chewacla SP, Auburn, AL—Today I paid for another week. The still, open woods here feel close and comforting and alive with an ethereal Light. I feel Her in these trees. She is as real to me as if I were nestled in the arms of an intimate lover.

In the afternoons, I hike a secret trail. A trail not found on any map. A trail shown to me by a mysterious old man who has lived here all his life.

The trail leads to a stream and a waterfall and circular pool—a pool where he told me the fishing is good.

But I don’t fish. I have more important things to do.

Here, I have Her all to myself.

I sit on a rock in the stream in the woods and contemplate the thoughts that pull me apart from Her. Thoughts that exist only in my mind, but have a dark power that can cause Her to flee.

So I sit, and I listen, and I watch. I open up and I let go.

Each day I feel less.

And each day She feels more.

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7 thoughts on “Back to the Stream

  1. This entry touched me—at several levels—I could share the moments–imaginatively—felt an alone/but not alone feeling.
    Reminded me of Rumi’s very intimate association with Her.
    Also “don’t fish” reminded me of Thoreau’s chapter entitled Higher Laws.
    And finally of Brad Banton’s (Radical Honesty) “thought inteferes with experience”
    As always—thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you, Randy, for sharing other readings that resignate with you from this post.

    Wayne, I am following you on this journey, as mine feels in synch with where you are. Keep posting. . . and often. Your words are fuel for me.

  3. Hi Wayne,
    Very nice post. It seems like lately all you need is to be in nature to enter into a meditation with no much effort and I was wondering if you still meditate with any method (holosync, traditional, etc). Or do you find it not necessary to meditate anymore.


  4. @Roy: I don’t meditate anymore. I just sit and look. If my mind starts getting too noisy, I seem to see that and it shuts up.

    I do still recommend Holosync as it was very useful for uncovering all my Shadow stuff (repressed unconscious issues). Though it is expensive, it’s still a lot cheaper than a psychologist.

  5. Did you ever give Lifeflow a try? I just ordered it as it seems like a cheaper alternative to Holosync, with the offside that it doesn’t cause the same kind of upheaval as Holosync seems to. I have to admit though that because Holosync raises those repressed issues to the surface, I would’ve preferred it. But in any case, I’m hearing largely positive results from consistent use of both programs.

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