Beyond Enlightenment

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A slight revision to my Path of Mystical Oneness:

  • The Mortal Level: You as a personal story
  • The Soul Level: You as an eternal, individual consciousness
  • The Radiant Level: You as an opening for the Divine
  • The Emptiness Level: You with no boundaries or separation
  • Mystical Oneness: Not a level, but the union of all levels

The Emptiness Level (what I was calling Oneness) is what the majority of nondual teachers mean by enlightenment.

Since most spiritual teachers believe in an all-or-nothing approach (“You’re either enlightened or you’re not”), they imply that Emptiness is “good” and the Mortal Level (the only other level they recognize) is “bad”.

They believe that the Mortal level must be dropped.

This is simply not the case.

What has been clarifying over the past few months (from around The Paradox and up through Mortal Level Pain) is that each level is an aspect of the whole, the union of which leads to Mystical Oneness (or Oneness if She hasn’t revealed Herself to you yet).

Just laying a foundation here. Nothing has really changed in what I’ve been saying for years, but the clarification has some implications—implications which I’ll delve into soon.

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6 thoughts on “Beyond Enlightenment

  1. Wow. I’ve been studying with non-dual teachers a long time, and am myself an Awakening coach. Respectfully, non of the people I know of in this field say the mortal level is “bad” and must be dropped. If what you call the emptiness level is one of no boundaries or separation, it by definition becomes non-dual, and therefor inclusive. I like Ken Wilber’s adage of “transcend and include”. It’s not this or that, but both and. Perhaps instead of claiming “most” spiritual teachers think or believe a certain way, it might be more instructive to be more specific regarding certain teachers and what they say. Just a suggestion.

    Also, I think the term “enlightened” has pretty much been replaced by “awakened”. As the Buddha said when asked if he was enlightened….he simply said “I am Awake”. Enlightenment seems to have mistakenly been seen as an end state, or goal, by some hyper masculine teachers of old.

  2. @Carol: Sorry you took this so wrong. Meaning is far more important to me than semantics. I too have never heard a popular spiritual teacher say the Mortal level was bad, but all of them that I have listened to IMPLY it is what must be overcome, or causing you suffering, or somehow otherwise a problem.

    I’m not a lawyer, words aren’t the point for me. Meaning, knowledge, and wisdom are far more important to what I’m trying to convey.

    @Peter: Yup, union. Divided and Whole. As Carol mentioned, Wilber is big on this (he calls them holons).

  3. Interesting to read, Wayne. Your definitions are a little vague. I’d probably add a couple of others in there, if by levels we mean stages where the reality shifts. The Radiant level is also a little different as it can start before Soul but continues on. If we mean the same thing, this Realization is at the end rather than the beginning. (She having revealed Herself) I’ll follow your link on that.

    The 2 I’d mention are:
    1- between Soul and Radiant, Self Realization, the initial “awakening”, from individual to universal spirit/ Self. Not everyone recognizes a soul awakening but for some it is indeed distinct.

    2- rather than changing Oneness to Emptiness, I would add Emptiness as the next. Oneness or Unity is often quite distinct. Then, the next stage is transcending the Atman or Self, hence a phase of nothing beyond. As this stage is beyond all duality, it is beyond Being or non-being, emptiness or fullness, etc. That makes Emptiness not the ideal word, if we’re meaning the same thing.

    As this matures, it becomes Brahman or Tao, beyond Oneness as well.

    OR perhaps this is a misread. Perhaps your Emptiness is the Self Realization stage. For many, Radiance comes after that with the awakening heart in the descent. What Adyashanti called Head, Heart, Gut. Then you have Oneness. The 2 stages of transcending Atman and into Brahman are beyond these. Not everyone makes this step as it means surrendering all prior enlightenment.

    Always interested to see how others have mapped it.

  4. I dont know if you are right or if I am. I have no idea. But I wrote this in november.

    I guess my view havent changed since then. Nothing has changed. Maybe it will.
    I know a guy that reminds me of you.
    He suffers from pain though. Agression. Lust. Desire. Want to make money. Lots of them. Tendensies to agression. But he understands everything. He just choose to live in the realm of form.
    My advice to him was: be honest. Accept that you have not trancended all desires. That you want to stay there.

    Now I wonder if that advice was wrong or right. Thank you for letting me know.
    I am greatful, for that you read this and pay attention.
    Also, I want to tell you that your videos, have helped me in the hardest of times. Maybe you saved my life.
    I saw and recogniced in the last two videos a person that shared my perspective after “my own awakening”.
    Before that you inspired me.
    I still enjoy every thought you put into writing. Maybe not the way intended, but still.
    We are not alike, still the same.

  5. I know very well what you mean. There is a very hidden ‘she’ of oneness that is behind all creation. The day I exited from the horrible false neutral 5D, I discovered her and it was the greatest profound experience I have ever discovered 🙂

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