Blown Off The Hill

On the Hill

Sumner Lake SP, NM—Because the winds kept blowing my chalks chocks (thanks Barbara!) sideways away from the trailer wheels—chocks are little wedges designed to keep the trailer from rolling forward or back—I decided I didn’t need the damn things anyway, since I had stabilizer jacks lowered on all four corners.

Big mistake.

Now remember, I (was) way up on the hill, exposed to winds from all sides—15 feet from the cliff edge.

Apparently, stabilizer jacks are only designed to stabilize from side to side, not front to back.

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind slammed my trailer with such force that it pushed the entire rig forward and plunged it off the—wait for it—tongue jack (you thought I was going to say “plunged it off the hill” didn’t you?).

I jumped outside, hooked up the trailer to the truck and towed it down into a slightly more protected portion of the park. I’ll have to leave it hooked up until I can get some new stabilizer jacks, since all four of them were damaged and the winds are just too high to risk unhooking without them.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be an RV supply place within 100 miles of here, so—if I survive the night—I may just have to hunker down until the winds let up in a few days.

Newbie mistake. Chock your wheels. Don’t trust the stabilizers.

I guess my Fool on the Hill post was one of those dangerous, dark premonitions that I sometimes seem to have.

Update 4/27/12 9:45am MT: I managed to get under the trailer and push the stabilizer jacks straight enough with my legs so I could lower them and stabilize the trailer. If they hold up in this wind, I’ll drive the truck into Clovis and see if they have any at an RV store there.

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5 thoughts on “Blown Off The Hill

  1. “Chocks”, but still nervous-making, if not downright scary given the storm results I’ve seen in the newspaper from the midwest. Happy to hear you survived!

  2. Lt. Dan riding on the mast of Forest’s shrimp boat in a hurricane now that is trusting in Her. Whether you know it or not your whole world is in danger of being blown off a cliff at anytime. It is ok trust Her to lead you, I am totally getting it. Last night lightening bolt striking right outside my window, loud, slept well, pleasant dreams. Bless the days when I am feeling strong.

  3. I drove away with my stabilizer jacks down—-thought they were goners——but looked at them carefully–hammered them a bit and they work fine—maybe they—like confused souls—can be mended.

  4. @Keith: Yup, nothing’s to be taken too seriously. As she (the trailer) started to move, I remember thinking, “Well, here she goes.” I was totally in-synch with it.

    @Randy: Good idea. I should be able to hammer the rear jacks back into shape, but the front ones are shot (that’s where all the weight went). I got four new ones today, so I’ll have two spares.

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