City Distractions

The Back of the Movie Theater

BLUEWATER LAKE SP, NM—This morning, I left the casino for some solitude.

Let me say this straight up, the casino is a great place to stay.

Often you hear people say they can’t afford the RV lifestyle because they have to work a 9-5 job. Albuquerque is one of those cities where you could hold down a regular job, live for free in an RV and just move your rig every few days between the three casinos on the outskirts of town (and there are many cities in the US where this would work). No excuses! 🙂

No, I didn’t leave because it is expensive, noisy or boring. I left because there are way too many distractions in Albuquerque: cheap eats, bookstores, coffee shops, movie theaters…. All pulling me away from a work load that has been building up relentlessly.

On a more positive note, Randy and his crew dropped in at the casino for the Balloon Festival and we all hung out a few evenings (I don’t consider Randy and his tribe a distraction as RV’ers are quite respectful of each other’s privacy). But it was time for me to go, so I said my goodbyes last night and this morning headed westward and upward to Bluewater State Park.

Because it’s getting cooler, I pretty much have the place to myself. Mark and Ginger (also of Randy’s tribe) are here, but even they are leaving after the weekend.

With lots of solitude, I should get lots of work done.

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4 thoughts on “City Distractions

  1. Hi Wayne, love hearing your stories about the rving lifestyle. Funny thing, this weekend I saw a 22′ Fleetwood Pioneer travel trailer for sale near my hometown of Lawrence, Ks and I thought of you and your rig. Are they good campers?? Keep the stories coming !!! Your blog is greatly appreciated and you’re very inspiring. Continued Peace in your life adventures !!!

  2. The Pioneer is a great rig. I bought it specifically because it has a lot of features that make it ideal for long-term boondocking/dry-camping:

    * High ground clearance (so you don’t bust a tank or black-water valve)
    * Large holding tanks (50 gal fresh water, 35 gal black, 35 gal gray). I can go a month without filling/dumping.
    * All holding tanks (even fresh water) are under the rig. They don’t take up any interior space.
    * Small enough to get into most places
    * Sofa that can be removed for more floor space or even an easy chair.

    Tie in solar (kind of a pain, but once it’s done, it’s done) and you’re good to go.

    If you’re in the market, let me know and I’ll sell you mine as it’s fully outfitted and functional. (I’m considering the super-simple van model).

  3. “hold down a regular job, live for free in an RV and just move your rig every few days”… is EXACTLY what I want to do until I can quit my job and be “mobile” full-time. I would do it this very second but I can’t get past needing a/c in the Texas heat (due to furbabies in tow). I can’t afford hook-ups AND a loan payment so I’m saving up until I have enough for a cash purchase. If you know of a way that I can boondock and keep my furbabies comfortable while I’m at work – please do tell! I’ll get an RV this weekend! Seriously, that is my only delay.

    I love your rig’s floorplan. Anyone who buys it will be very lucky! 🙂

  4. @Debra: The Fantastic Fan is a great rig cooler and works well dry camping (no hookups), but I wouldn’t think it would keep your rig cool enough for your pets during a Texas summer. Time to start thinking of seasonal work! 🙂

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