A new video: Conditioning is one of the primary barriers to spiritual growth.

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4 thoughts on “Conditioning

  1. I have read the Journey of Souls last year, I loved it but as I listen to your latest video, I see I am still living from fear and not from knowing I am a soul, I know this consciously but unconsciously I guess the grip is still there. I have listened to COUNTLESS NDE you tube videos and know that we go on but nothing has changed in my life from the way I have always thought even after KNOWING all this! Its incredibly frustrating! But I’ll keep on just listening and reading…thanks for your videos, blogs and pix…they really resonate with me

  2. @Dennis: Glad you liked it. Welcome to the blog.

    @Laurie: Knowing that you aren’t living it, is a big step. Helps you become aware of the disparity, which helps you live true.

  3. Hi Wayne,
    Thank you for your comments. I am trying to make through the narrow space (of a sand clock) to another room. Torturous. I am stuck in it. Failure after failure. Giving up old habits: playing with tastes, for example. Failure after failure. Before I blamed myself…..Now just every morning wake up with a new zeal but get deflated after really hard trials. Any piece of advice would be helpful Thank you, again so much.

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