Cross Roads

ROCK HOUND SP, NMAs I’ve said before, sometimes it is terribly difficult to make decisions when the personal self falls away and your value system goes on the fritz because everything feels the same.

With my new dental crown in place, and my time here (three weeks is the stay limit) set to expire, where to next?

Option A is to go get a van in Phoenix, use it to tow my trailer, and outfit it for stealth camping.

Option B is to bounce around the NM parks until my annual pass expires at the end of March while grinding out code to build my savings and possibly get started on my next book.

Every three days, I have a reminder pop-up on my computer to tell me to review my Miracle Log. While contemplating my direction, the reminder popped up and while randomly scanning the entries of synchronistic events that have occurred in the last couple of years, I came across one on making a decision. From the 7/23/12 entry:

Facing a crossroad in my direction of Life, it came to me in a moment of clarity: In deciding your actions, pick the option that gives you the most inner peace, bonus points if it helps others. Just then a hummingbird flew in front of me, hovered a moment, then flew off.

The option that gives me the most inner peace (how She often talks to me), is option B: Focus on building up savings while working on the new book.

So I’ll do that for now, but who knows? Maybe next week She’ll tell me to make a run into Phoenix, swap the truck out for a van and just use that as a tow vehicle. She works in mysterious ways.

PS: Just in time for those New Year’s resolutions, I’ve dropped the affiliate program on The Carefree Diet and have halved the price to a more reasonable $10.

Have a Happy New Year!

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4 thoughts on “Cross Roads

  1. Wayne,

    I understand what you’re saying about making decisions from a perspective beyond the personal self. The way that I experience it is on one hand there are rarely (ever?) any “big deals”, so the options all carry less weight. Yet if everything is equally “light”, then choosing can be perplexing. Ultimately I trust that whatever is chosen is what She wanted to have happen.

    As to the travel (or not)choice you’re facing, another consideration might be to swing by and visit the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, whether or not you go to Phoenix.

    One of the reasons that I’m going to it is to meet some of the people like Randy (Mobile Kodgers), Bob Wells, and a few others whose blogs I’ve followed for awhile. It would be nice to meet you in person too. I would think there are others besides me who feel the same way. Of course, whatever you decide, I’m certain it will be right – what the universe wants to have happen.

    If you don’t make it by the RTR, I hope to meet you sometime down the road.

    Best wishes,


    • Yes Brad, it’s always nice to meet readers.

      The whole Phoenix thing would have been just a stop on the way out to RTR (mainly to meet Bob and evaluate people’s rigs for ideas), but as I say, SHE says no, so it’s no.

      I don’t always (hell, I rarely) have the answers to what She’s got in mind – which is what makes living “in faith” so difficult sometimes.

      Have a happy New Year!

      Oh, and say ‘Hi’ to Randy and his gang for me.

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