Danger as Spiritual Practice

Storrie Lake

Storrie Lake SP, NM—Wind gusts last night were hitting 60 mph and my trailer, parked right on the lake and lengthwise to the wind was shaking and rocking and howling.

I wondered—seriously—if it would flip over or be ripped apart. But it was a moonless night, and I felt that trying to hook up in such a fierce wind and pitch darkness would have put the rig in even more danger.

So I stuck in my earplugs, lay down, and focused on the experience.

My mind would keep raising terrible scenarios, but I’d just push them back into the darkness—the Void from which they seem to come from—and surrendered to Her.

Though the rig shook and rattled and groaned, not once did I experience fear.

If the trailer flips, so what? It’s not my trailer, it’s Hers. If the roof rips off and the rig disintegrates, so what? It’s not my money—or even my body—it’s Hers.

When you live as a Soul, none of this “stuff” is your stuff. You’re just driving this body around like it’s a rental car.

When you live as Radiance, there’s even less of you. Everything (except your awareness) is Her.

Danger is one of the most powerful teachers to help the spiritual seeker find out where he/she really stands. It helps you find out how deeply you’ve taken the teachings into your Being.

Real world, physical danger clarifies, in no uncertain terms, whether your growth is truly authentic, or if you’re just BS’ing yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Danger as Spiritual Practice

  1. Lightening use to scare the crap out of me, the other day I was in the middle of this unbelievable storm, huge bolts crashing everywhere, not a peep from the amigdula. But still when my boss is being the ahole boss he is I get this bad feeling. I guess I need to be like Wayne, fire the boss.

  2. This was meant for me today! Beautifully written as usual! I look forward to your emails!!!! I am so grateful to you!

  3. When a big storm hits I always think of the trees and wonder if some of them are trembling in terror while others are dancing in delight.

    I also remember the Bible story of Jesus sleeping through a storm, then calming it when his freaked-out disciples woke him up.

    My fear is not the storm itself but the possible aftermath. The trailer could flip, the roof could disintegrate and I could be ripped to shreds and that would be ok. What I fear is still being here in a body so broken I can’t do anything but lie there in pain for the rest of my life. That’s why I try to stay out of danger.

  4. A spiritual friend of mine calls this “spiritual observance” – knowledge that there are events occurring but remaining spiritual and apart from them. A great place to be and wonderful when there, but hard for me to stay. I’m working on it. Good for you.

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