Every Birthday

Wind-Blown Leaves

Sumner Lake SP, NM—Every birthday, I like to contemplate my direction. Today, I looked at my bank balance and saw I have about a year’s worth of savings and no real income. Oddly enough, that’s pretty much been my situation for my last three birthdays.

I wrote on a sheet of paper:
A: Fight to survive.
B: Surrender and develop for your next life.
C: Both.

I decided on C: Both. “Fight” is way too strong a word though, so I figure I’ll just continue working on the diet book, sell that via affiliates, then work on a spiritual book.

In my down time, I’ll continue to de-condition my conditioning (“develop for your next life”) while slowly roaming around the West.

When you live as a Soul, fear becomes irrelevant.

When you live as a Soul, your only option is to live True.

It's Time To Wake Up

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It contains everything you need in order to wake up to enlightenment, inner peace, and unconditional love.

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14 thoughts on “Every Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Mine is in a couple days and I’m doing the exact same thing…. contemplating. Good thing to do any time but seems especially significant around birthdays.

  2. Any time your passing through Wales ( UK ) you can stay at my totally secluded cottage retreat, exquisite mountainous views, excellent ~ Energy, position, perfect for a freespirit ! Food and board, won’t cost you a penny…….. Birthday ? ah, but you were never born and can never die, lol ! : )

  3. Great time of year for a birthday, with the rebirth and growth of all the plant life. I chose it for that reason anyhow. Mine is in a couple of days as well. Happy Birthday Wayne.

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