February 27, 2012

Dripping Faucet

Steele Creek Park, COE Camp, Whitney, TX

Two crows, one on each shore, caw and shout across the lake, almost as if they were taunting each other. Silently, a white heron glides overhead, his beak thrust forward, intent on finding more plentiful fishing grounds.

A flock of tiny birds, feeding in the grass, suddenly leap in a rush to the safety of a leafless bush as a hawk sweeps down upon them. The tight-knit brambles protect the birds and the hawk, after glaring down at them for a moment from a nearby tree, flies off in frustration.

Out on the lake, like a young couple strolling in a park, a pair of ducks casually slide across the water—separate but one—creating a single wake behind them.

I glance over and notice a new scratch on my truck and hear both my father and brother saying I should touch that up or it will rust. In my head I see myself nodding and smiling, but I don’t say anything because I know I won’t fix it and I don’t want to lie.

The campsite hose connection, because of a fault in the handle, drips incessantly, day in and day out. I’ve been here long enough that the grass underneath has grown taller than its neighbors in celebration of its unexpected gift.

Suddenly the two crows—silent for a time—start up once again shouting insults at each other, their taunts echoing across the otherwise quiet lake.

She exhales, Life comes into being, and Her everyday miracles continue—largely unnoticed by the noisy minds of Man.

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