God and the Anima

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Sumner Lake SP, NM—I received this email the other day from a long-time reader:

Carl Jung wrote of mistaking the anima for the Self. I recently went through some tough times and this concept was really helpful, the result of which is an ability to separate the two. When mistaking the anima for the Self there is a kind of delusion like being under a spell, in a mystic mood, drawn in by a compelling desire of some kind. Where as knowledge of the Self is more independent and realistic about things and of a higher more clarified order, seeing all aspects of one’s experience with a discerning eye for truth. Something to ponder. I enjoy your posts.

I wasn’t sure if he was suggesting that I’m confusing Her with the Anima, but that’s the way I replied and I feel it is a great topic and worth sharing.

My reply to his email below the break (huh?).

Hi T…,

I did quite a bit of work with both the Shadow and the Anima, mostly about 10 years ago. Powerful stuff. But if you are implying that I’m getting the Anima confused with “Her,” then, I’m sorry to say, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Simply put, synchronicity implies God: http://waynewirs.com/2010/the-implications-of-synchronicity/ .

I wrestled with this for many months before going public with it—with the implications of synchronicity. But when these outlandish, odds-defying coincidences happen practically everyday, then I simply can see no other explanation except for an omnipotent, omniscient being: Her. And the less there is of me (personal conditioning), the more there is of Her (intelligent Oneness).

Ramana often mentioned Her (Brahman). Tolle talks of Her (the closer you get to Presence, the more the Universe looks out for you). Adyashanti calls Her “God in drag.”

I personally suspect that self-proclaimed enlightened people who don’t see/experience Her, are simply “Theoretical Nondualists.” Enlightenment is a theory for them—something they think about (probably with some satori glimpses), but not something they live. To live it requires one to surrender will and control and personal motivation [wgw edit: Probably a better phrase would have been self-interest]. In other words, it requires your “personal” death.

But it is in this surrendering that She makes Her presence known.

Not believed. Known.

The less there is of me, the more there is of Her.

Be well,

Wayne (Wirs)

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