Her Embrace


RIANA COE CAMPGROUND, NM—The sun beat down, the wind died and the heat started to build. I stripped to my shorts, ambled down to the rocks, and dove deep into the lake.

My body’s lack of buoyancy surprised me and it took some effort to swim back to the surface. The loss of 30 pounds of fat and the less buoyant fresh water made it harder to float. Still, the cool depths felt soothing—felt comforting. The deep still waters felt like home.

Though I love the forests and mountains, the deserts and open plains, it is while immersed in an ocean or submerged in a large lake that I feel closest to God.

At one with the water yet separate in body, I surrender to Her currents—relax into Her embrace.

Any lover knows this feeling—the feeling of being Separate yet One.

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5 thoughts on “Her Embrace

  1. Spent hours today floating in a pool– watching the clouds, trees, birds, insects– feeling air, water, and skin merge. It is the only peace.

  2. When I am looking for that place of peace, I visualize a mountain lake and I am at the bottom of it, looking up. All is calm down there even though the surface may have ripples. I love your photos, they are a message in themselves.


  3. “it is while immersed in an ocean or submerged in a large lake that I feel closest to God.”
    – wow I totally shae that feeling and I was reminded of it 2 days ago when I had a chance to go to the beach and have my 1st and maybe only dip ion the sea this year. The sea really dissolves “me”…so restoring!

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