Higher Ground

New Camp

BRANTLEY LAKE SP, NM—I awoke this morning to the gentle lapping of water near my trailer—much closer than it was when I went to bed.

With the lake waters rising, I quickly hooked up and moved the rig to higher ground. I’m still lakeside, on a little cove, but with about a six foot elevation rather than the six inches of my last spot. The rangers told me later that they’re allowing the water level to come up in preparation for the spring irrigations, and that I’ll be fine where I’m at.

I would have moved onward to another park, but I want to see how long I can last with my water tank. One of the main reasons I bought this model travel trailer is because it has a large freshwater tank—50 gallons, as well as decent-sized black and grey tanks—35 gallons each.

It’s been almost three weeks now, and I’m still holding out well. I’ve been drinking bottled water and showering at the campground restrooms, both of which have helped conserve my water supply dramatically.

I’m using the New Mexico Annual Camping Permit ($225) and pretty much after you spend three weeks camping, it’s paid for. I bought mine in the beginning of March and it’s good through March 31, 2013, so for the next 12 months my New Mexico camping (at any of their state parks) is free.

Free camping. Free water. Free showers. Free dump stations.

And plenty of sun means free electricity.

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8 thoughts on “Higher Ground

  1. Wayne, your pictures and descriptions make me feel like I’m there. Thank you. Thank you too for the information you so freely share (logistics and spiritual). I did not know that about the NM Permit and have filed that priceless tidbit away.

    In TX, a SP annual pass ($70) only gets you through the gate without having to pay the $7 entry fee per person. Ten visits and it’s paid for but it gets you no discounts for camping whatsoever. Overnight fees are now up to $25/night min.

    Between the NM Permit and BLM free range, NM is looking better and better!


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