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NAVAJO LAKE SP, NM—Beliefs are a funny thing. You can’t prove them, you can’t defend them, and you look stupid if you try to do either.

Worse, most people judge you harshly if you don’t believe what they believe. Hell, in some cultures it’s even OK for the locals to kill you if you don’t believe what they believe.

Beliefs, by definition, can’t be proven, yet we take them so seriously.

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Beliefs are a funny thing.

Take death for example. What happens after you die?

I can think of five possibilities:

  1. You blink out. End of story.
  2. You go to Heaven. Eternal bliss.
  3. You get dumped in Limbo. Eternal boredom.
  4. You go straight to Hell. Eternal suffering.
  5. You reincarnate. Eternal living.

There could be more options, but those are the big ones.

You probably believe in one of the above, unless you’re a fence-sitter who is so afraid to pick incorrectly that you refuse to choose an agnostic, in which case you probably lean toward #1. But then I don’t believe in agnostics.

Since a belief can’t be proven, why not pick a belief that makes you happy?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Question your current belief. Why do you believe this? Do you have any evidence to help support your belief?
  2. Pick a better belief. Which one of the options makes you feel better?
  3. Research it. Whichever belief you choose, do some serious research. I’m talking crack-the-books-and-study-for-months serious. Why? Because you want to be happy with your new belief and the best way is through finding supporting evidence for your belief.
  4. Live it. Practice living it, making it real to you. I can’t stress this enough. Live it (why not? Seriously… Why not?). Practice, practice, practice.

But always remember you can’t prove a belief, so stop trying to. Just gather enough evidence to make it believable.

I believe in reincarnation. I didn’t always. I used to call myself an agnostic because I was so insecure about being wrong that I didn’t want to admit I was an atheist. Then I had an unexpected past life “vision” which forced me to question my beliefs. I did the research and now I’m quite comfortable (and happy) with my new beliefs.

On the path to Mystical Oneness, each step along the path requires a change in your belief of your self—of your identity:

  • To get to the Soul Level, you stop believing you’re a Mortal
  • To get to the Radiant Level, you stop believing you’re a Soul
  • To get to the Oneness Level, you stop believing you’re a, well, a “You”
  • And, ironically, at the Oneness Level, you have to start believing in all of them all over again (see the Paradox).

My point is: Changing your beliefs will change your life.

Forget proof.

Question your assumptions. Question your resistance.

Then change your beliefs.

You’ll be a lot happier for it.

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  1. Good words and process thinking. Last I read it is thought we are surrounded by 12 separate parallel universes. How do we square that information with our present belief systems. Are there 12 or 13 “shes” or great spirits? 0ne for each universe??? And how do we conduct ourselves in the meantime, waiting for someone with answers????. Peace! ..Rubbertramp

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