How to Find Enlightenment (In One Sentence)

A Curve Into the Fog

Steele Creek Park, COE Camp, Whitney, TX

Want to know what Oneness/Enlightenment feels like?

It’s simple:

Push away your thoughts and see what is left.

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5 thoughts on “How to Find Enlightenment (In One Sentence)

  1. Ok, then comes the question, how the hell do we push away our thoughts!!!?? Which is more seeking…which is futile…. which is frustrating…which is exhausting….. I wish it would all just STOP

  2. I actually learned during my last hangover, that the less I use my brain, the less my head hurts 😀 So in a way, the headache served as a measurement to how meditative I was. Today I’ve been having a headache again, and I remembered about meditating, and it works wonders to take the headache away. I can definitely feel the sweet spot, when there’s an absence of thought, there’s no headache. And I really noticed what meditation means. To even try to meditate is to not meditate. There’s no attempt, no trying. Just effortlessness, sort of.

  3. Hello again Wayne,
    I’m posting too much on your site, however, another great photo. I zoom the pictures to fill the screen and just stare at it. Great way to calm the mind and fool the senses, eternity frozen before my eyes. Sometimes hidden images that we don’t normally appreciate; this one mystical, the road to the empty vessel which holds …..

  4. Lester Levenson said that wanting to control things was the barrier to freedom. There were three components to it: wanting safety and security, wanting approval, and wanting control. If you get rid of these feelings then happiness naturally fills in.

    Isn’t wanting to become enlightened wanting control? Yes it is. The only way to get around it is to use that want to release everything else. Eventually there is nothing left to release. Then you can let go of the last desires and be free. It’s a long road.

    My mind has been silent for just a few hours in my whole lifetime.

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