How To Find Enlightenment – The Explanation

I decided to do a video to explain the last two “How To Find Enlightenment” posts. Videos seem to convey the feel of being—which is really what Oneness is all about. Enjoy.

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7 thoughts on “How To Find Enlightenment – The Explanation

  1. Thought and language conceal as much as they reveal and using them to try and show someone what God, enlightenment, or Her is is like trying to transcribe the Gettysburg Address to the head of a pin with a magic marker.

    Not really going to happen.

    But only a good hearted being would try so hard to do it with an instrument as blunt as the human intellect in the first place.:-)

    And, for that(the good heartedness), I commend ye!

    But it’s already been taken care of, you know (by he, she , it, they or whatever name/pronoun under which the human mind masks the ineffably blissful mystery of this…..just this).

    So if you sing, as Walt Whitman has been rumored to have, for the pure joy of singing, then sing on.

    But if you need to “show somebody something” or “teach somebody something” then zip it.

    That has been, and will remain, our path to darkness.

  2. @kv: I agree. Words and concepts don’t do it justice, which is why “pointers” are so often used (as this video is an example) and why I am so often stressing the practices must be lived rather than just thought about (ergo my little jab at all the philosopher-type teachers out there today).

  3. Thankyou, to that little guru frog; early Enlightenment video.
    This video; always wondered how people came out of the ‘oneness’ state; simple really, but you’re never told about those ever present stray thoughts, until now. So, as you have said to me before, there is a small measure of free will even in ‘oneness’; to continue or not. For you Wayne, immaterial really as your recent blogs explain to me.
    Contemplation by stilling the thoughts, with all senses aware, in an outdoor environment to experience a living ‘oneness’ best achieved in solitude.
    Practice the above as often as you can to eventually experience it yourself, umm or is it om.

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