If You Doubt the Existence of God/Her…

Out My Window

Chewacla SP, Auburn, ALIn my last post, I mentioned how my friend Jim, after his house burned down, was contemplating going nomad—buying an RV and living in it full-time. About a week ago, he told me that the RV he had in mind is a Winnebago Via. He told me he was thinking of pulling a Jeep behind it.

Because it is so short for a class A (25 feet), the Winnebago Via isn’t a very common RV.

Just yesterday, a couple in a Winnebago Via—towing a Jeep—pulled into the campsite right next to mine (photo above, shot from my window).

The entire campground only has one other camper besides me. There are dozens of empty sites. Campers can pick any site they want.

A rare Winnebago Via. Towing a Jeep. Into an empty campground. And camping right next to me. What are the odds?

What Does All This Mean?

How do you explain these ongoing mysterious events—events that I have been blogging about practically weekly since my awakening over two years ago?

Is She trying to remove any doubts in my mind that She exists?

Is She trying to remove any doubts in your mind?

I’ve made a new blog category, Evidence, to start tagging these little mysteries and miracles. Click the link to get them all in one place.

And—because Synchronicity implies God/Her—you should probably check out posts marked Synchronicity too (if you’ve still got doubts).

Just more evidence. Evidence that the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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4 thoughts on “If You Doubt the Existence of God/Her…

  1. @Tim: Do I pray? There’s a whole story about that, but the quick version is that last year, I ran into someone in the non-virtual world who said to me, “So you’re they guy who talks to God,” and I said, “No, but She certainly talks to me.” She asked, “Why don’t you talk to Her?” and I honestly didn’t have an answer.

    I guess it is because She feels so close and intimate – we are one – that there doesn’t feel a need to “talk to Her” (pray).

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