It’s Good To Know I’m Not Insane

LEASBURG DAM SP, NM—I’ve been reading Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Bucke (published in 1905) off and on for about a week now, and am finding some fascinating insights and shared experiences with others who’ve gone through “the Illumination.”

One of the shared traits that really struck me was what Bucke calls the duplex personality, that “another individuality, another self, lived in him” (the awakened individual).

“The duplex personality of men having cosmic consciousness will appear many times as we proceed and will be seen to be a constant and prominent phenomenon.” – Richard Bucke

  • Jesus called his “the Kingdom of Heaven”
  • Paul called his “Christ”
  • Muhammad called his “Gabriel”
  • Dante called his “Beatrice”
  • Balzac called his “Seraphita”
  • Bacon (arguably) voiced his as “Shakespeare”
  • Whitman called his “My Soul”

I’ve been calling mine “She” for years, and it’s good to see this pattern in others. Good to see that today’s focus on the Emptiness Level is not the big “End All”, but just another step on the way to union with the Divine (Mystical Oneness).

It’s good to know that I’m not insane or schizophrenic—that I’m in good company in experiencing a “duplex personality”… in experiencing Her.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Good To Know I’m Not Insane

  1. Yes,a great book,I also found solace in much of what he had to say. Have you also read Frainklin Merrel Wolfe’s book Experience and Philosophy, another great book in my opinion.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Wayne. This is so valuable, your experiences as a way-shower, although the experience is and will be different for each of us individually, you are able to show: “hey the water is fine, no sharks, dip your toe in, it is warm, jump in!”
    The only one I know of having reported about the path beyond (from a Christian contemplative point of view) is Bernadette Roberts in “The Experience of No-Self”.
    Happy travels, Wayne!


    There are two beings in my single self.

    A Godhead watches Nature from behind

    At play in front with a brilliant surface elf,

    A time-born creature with a human mind.

    Tranquil and boundless like a sea or sky,

    The Godhead knows himself Eternity’s son.

    Radiant his mind and vast, his heart as free;

    His will is a sceptre of dominion.

    The smaller self by Nature’s passions driven,

    Thoughtful and erring learns his human task;

    All must be known and to that Greatness given

    His1 mind and life, the mirror and the mask.

    As with the figure of a symbol dance

    The screened Omniscient plays at Ignorance.

  4. ‘The duplex personality’, A Course in Miracles calls this the “split mind”. There appears to be an ego and a “Holy Spirit”. The ego is ultimately a false idea, the “Holy Spirit” is the correct idea which leads back to the One Self or Sonship or Kingdom. I’m back way into the Course again after having burned it 15 years ago. LOL!

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