Just A Photo (Almost)


Steele Creek Park, COE Camp, Whitney, TX

Fighting a cold. Feeling flunky. So just a photo.

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6 thoughts on “Just A Photo (Almost)

  1. Almost a cold cure : dissolve in a glass of luke warm water about one third of a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda and slowly drink. Do this three times a day; with luck the cold is vitually gone by day two. A teaspoon holds 5ml. A visit to the local shops maybe, as your lifestyle probably doesn’t include baking soda; it’s also a surface cleaning agent when in solution so always handy to have a packet in the cupboard.
    Always enjoy the photographs, thankyou Wayne.

  2. Hey you!
    Nothing like a bit of green on a cold day – thanks! Hope you feel better soon! I always nip a cold in a bud by loads of vitamin C, but I have heard of Kevin’s baking soda treatment before and it seems to do the trick just as well. 🙂
    Big hug – Miss you!

  3. She managed to show you something green, full of life and you appreciated it. You are all the more back on track. I like Chagga mushroom tea when/if I feel a cold or similar coming on.

    God speaks a universal unspoken language to all of us through nature. Some know and listen. As photographers, we have the pictures to prove it!

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