Living a Non-Personal Life

ROCK HOUND SP, NM—Sitting in the dentist chair, the bright light shining, the drill whining, the spittle flying, my conditioned reaction is to tense up and wait for a jolt of pain. But instead, using that tension as a reminder, I let go and surrender.

Suddenly, it is not my body that is being worked on, it is not me at all. I’m just inside looking out. Nothing that is happening to this body is personal.

When your consciousness shifts from Radiance to Emptiness—when your sense of self moves from a thin outline to nothing at all—then everything, this body included, has the same feeling of importance.

Which is to say, not important at all.

One of the key aspects to surrender—to stop fighting life—is to stop taking life so personally.

You can practice this anytime you wish. Just do the following:

Stop… taking… life… so… personally.

Piece of cake.

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5 thoughts on “Living a Non-Personal Life

  1. Last summer I injured my shoulder and tore part of my deltoid muscle. Sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of the night with throbbing pain. Last night at about 3:00am, as I lay in bed with the throbbing shoulder, I tried to adjust my perspective to one of witnessing the pain without reacting. I would get a subtle shift and then the pain would pull me back in. Over time, I began to get an appreciation for the pain as a gift to enable this exercise. I found myself getting better and better at witnessing but not reacting. Suddenly the pain stopped, I was almost disappointed. I fell back asleep.

  2. We have a saying in my line of work: Q-TIP

    Quit taking It personally.
    It helps, but for us it referes mostly to getting cussed and hit.

  3. Excellent reminder and posts thank you all. However… I am experiencing a small problem. I know it’s only a stage and I will come out of the other side of it, but right now my witness is ‘too’ dissociated. He lacks empathy or interest. The world is full of crazy people doing silly things and none of it matters.

    • Andy: There’s an easy solution to this – get out of your head and into your heart by going out into the world. Surround yourself with suffering (ie: volunteer) and you’ll quickly reawaken the compassion.

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