Mortal Level Pain

Chained and Locked

CABALLO LAKE SP, NM—No matter how spiritually advanced you are, a needle poked into your skin is going to cause you pain.

Recently, I was disrespected by a friend. What follows is how it felt, and far more importantly, how it clarified a false assumption I’ve been making up until this point.

More below the break (huh?).

Pain serves a useful purpose: to grab your attention and inform you of something it deems important. Ignore it at your own risk.

Here’s how a simple, unconscious and unintentional “dissing” affected me:

From the Mortal Level

Since respect is important to the Mortal Level, this is where the pain was felt. I felt hurt, disrespected, and angry.

From the Soul Level

I blew it off as irrelevant in the grand scheme of an eternal life.

From the Radiant Level

I felt compassion for the friend and to her circumstances since she was simply reacting to a highly stressful situation.

From the Emptiness Level

(This is a “new” level—which I was previously calling “Oneness”)

From the Emptiness Level, the “disrespectful” action was seen as just a typical movement of life; no different than a leaf falling off a tree or a bird chirping.

From Oneness

(Neither Oneness nor Mystical Oneness are levels—they are both the integration of the levels. Think of the levels (Physical, Mortal, Soul, Radiance, Emptiness) as different lily pads on a pond, Mystical Oneness is the pond from which all things (the lily pads) arise.)

From Oneness, I received insight into the false assumption that the enlightened should not experience emotional pain.

From Mystical Oneness

(Mystical Oneness is just Oneness with the acknowledgement of a Divine presence.)

From Mystical Oneness, I felt a deep gratitude to Her/God for “putting me” in this situation in order to help my spiritual growth. (She told me to go for a walk—which led up to the “dissing incident”—even though my mind shouted, “No, it’s too hot out!”)

False Assumption Dropped

The false assumption I was making was that when one attains Oneness/Enlightenment, they should no longer be affected by the trials and tribulations of the Mortal level: anger, resentment, self-centered desire, etc..

The truth is that, just like we are affected by pain at the physical level, each spiritual level is susceptible to its own form of pain and when pricked we will feel it. Pain is generated at each level based on what that level deems important.

The farther along in your spiritual development though, the less seriously you’ll take the pain of the lower levels. You’ll hear the “noise” that each level generates, but their intensity is diminished when seen from Oneness/Mystical Oneness.

Insights to Come

There were a boatload of insights which arose as a direct result of this simple interaction (Emptiness, Integration, Conditioning, …), but I don’t want to detract from the message so I’ll post more on them later.

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11 thoughts on “Mortal Level Pain

  1. They say the best spiritual teacher in the world is a person who insults you.
    Hahaha…. It is funny because it is so true.

    So a year or so ago after waking up, I go into the hospital emergency room in order to get a rabies shot.
    Im walking up to the doors thinking, well now that enlightenment has occured ill be in and out in 15 minutes because it is all flow now.
    HA! Boy did consciousness have a good chuckle at that one.
    9hours and 38 minutes later I finally walk out the door.

    Note to self (or non-self), just because one wakes up from the dream, does not mean life becomes all sunshine & little white flowers.
    Yes one is awake from the dream state, but in this limited understanding it is in fact mearly the beginning of ones spiritual journey. And consciousness has a wicked wicked sense of humor. Even when it is just jacking with itself.

    Peace & Happiness

  2. Still have wife pain, has not gone away, years now. Wow Wayne, you deliver the goods everytime, so great to know you and so great that you put it out there. Suffering, emptyness, oneness all mixed up and thats the facts jack. Hey google the Bhakti House Band, saw them in town on Saturday, all mixed up too but wonderful. Everyone lays down after the music and just drifts off to oneness together. OMMMMMM.

  3. Your statement of “Pain is generated at each level based on what that level deem important” is very powerful. Pretty cool how existence “show us” our own issues. Hopefully, we can let them go once we see them.


  4. That’s why I follow your blog Wayne. I’ve gained so much insight from your teachings…..teachings from one who “walks the walk”. Can’t find that anywhere else. Many Thanks !!!

  5. Ok…The Nuclear Explosion of Enlightenment has happend. However it takes a long time for all the rubbish of self to burn away.

    Now comes the hard part. See you should not be feeling hurt. (no worries..eventually you wont).
    Now you need to hunt down all the ghost, ghouls & goblens which have survived the atomic blast and are hiding in the depths of your soul.

    All those old hurts which have healed over but never healed.
    They need to be ripped open and exposed to the light of day..the poof..just like magic they are gone.

    Ask yourself.
    There is only consciousness so who insulted me?
    There is no me so why am I feeling ‘hurt’?
    Does that ‘hurt’ have a root of fear?
    If so, why are you afraid?

    Who knows. It is up to you to get the healing done.

    Anyway, these are some of the things which have happend to me over the past couple years and Ive had to deal with. Perhaps it applies to you, perhaps not.
    So feel free to accept or ignore anything which has be said.
    Its all good.

    Peace & Happiness

  6. Ooops..almost forgot
    Even after two years of hunting down the ghouls & goblins and exposing hurts to be healed in the light of day, there are still plenty left to be found.
    Not nearly as many as there used to be though. They only pop up from time to time now.
    I get the feeling it is a life long process.
    That is one thing hermets miss out on. One NEEDS to be dumped by their girlfriend and chewed out by their boss first thing monday morning, after awakening so that the corners can be ground off.

    We want a nice polished sphere of flow.

    But hey, who knows. This enlightenment thing (like ‘life’) doesnt come with an owners manual.

    So far the best post awakening books which ive found (for this one anyway)
    Perfect Brilliant Stillness
    Jed McKenna trilology
    The gita is good but a bit too spiritual for common reading.
    Adyashanti also does a good job of speaking on post awakening without burying it under a mountain of spiritual mumbo jumbo.

    they may appeal to you or just as easily not.
    but hey, different strokes for different folks.

    Be at peace

  7. @Keith, Jeff, and Gary: Glad this blog’s helping. It’s been over three years and I’m still discovering (She’s still revealing) things. I’m certain the learning process never ends.

  8. @Goofy: Thanks for the book suggestions. I’ve read them all, but the readers may not have.

    Please try not to be too condescending or preachy in your comments. There’s a lot more to this blog than this one entry.

    If you’d like to provide us a link to your personal blog (or books or other works), please feel free to. This way, I and the readers can decide if we’d like to follow your “teachings.”

  9. Apologies if my comments came across as preachy. That is the last thing which was intended. My bad.

    As for me, I do not have any blog, books or teachings. Nor do I have any spiritual or religous background either.

    Im just a broken body hermit who woke up during mediation a couple years ago. Since then life has beend dealing with the after effects.
    Every now and then the mind gets curious to this new non-world and I end up on the internet or a book store trying to claw out knowledge anyway I can. Which is easier said then done.
    Knowledge is processed then promply forgot. (Memory is all but wiped out these days.)

    After a couple weeks these intense research sessions sate my felt need, and I go back to living life without any desire to talk or ready about the whole awakening thing.

    The biggest hurdle I have had is most books & you tube videos people talk in spiritual language. I have no idea what the difference is between satsung, shiva, or any other sandscrit word. Nor a desire to put in the effort to learn.

    The reason I happened to mention the above books is that they are the only ones which I have found so far which talk about this whole enlightenment thing in plain ol english.
    Easy to understand for the common soul as it were.

    I do appreciate your website and your videos. You are well spoken and do it without a barrage of spiritual language which is confusing for me. Thank you for that.

    I also agree with your views on most non-dual teachers being almost as dogmatic as extreme religion.

    Yes…yes, it is all oneness, however the dream state of how life is experienced as individuals still plays out.

    All in all, Im just saying what gets said, and trying to contribute the little I can.
    What I say is just my own viewpoints & experiences with this new world. That is all.
    Nothing grand about any of it.

    Ive never been to India, met a guru or have any type of special view on this whole non-existence thing.

    Please feel free to edit or delete any of my posts should they be offensive in any way. No worries about it.
    Dont want to step on anyones toes.
    Without a doubt Im sure everyone on this board knows a heck of a lot more about oneness than I.

    Apolgies once again for my previous comments and thank you for having this website.

    Peace & Happiness to all.

  10. Hi GoofyHat,

    I am always interested in discussing “realized” perspectives. Are you on any forum boards (or other contact)?

    Peace, Jeff

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