My Miracle Log

Still Lake at Sunset

Chewacla SP, Auburn, AL—One of the most formidable obstacles facing the mystic is doubt.

How can one have faith and trust in the Unprovable (Her) when faced with a lifetime of conditioned doubts?

My answer below the break (huh?).

How do mystics maintain such a profound faith in Her/God?

Me? I keep a log.

Along with these blog posts categorized as Synchronicity and Evidence, I also keep a simple text file on my computer. When a magical, mysterious or odds-defying event happens in my life, I just type a quick note about it.

Though I only started logging these a year and a half ago, I already I have a multi-page document filled with little miracles.

When I’m feeling particularly distant from Her—caught up in my mind and taking thoughts way too seriously—I just pull up the file, read through it, and in no time, I’m less and She’s more.

Doubts vanish.

And my faith is restored.

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7 thoughts on “My Miracle Log

  1. I started an “evidence” notebook/art journal. The day I started it was an unbelievable rocking day. My awareness was on overdrive the entire day. To keep that same spirit alive every day is the ongoing work I strive for.

  2. @Shari & Michelle: Cool. A lot of people take conditioning personally. It’s not. Just something you got stuck with – like your fingernails or the color of your skin. Conditioning pulls us apart from Her (or us as a Soul, etc). Anything that can help weaken the conditioning and reveal Her, is well worth the time and practice. 🙂

    @Thomas: No. When I was a seeker, I was quite suspicious of authority figures (see Fading Toward Enlightenment). As one reviewer of FTE wrote, I’m more of an explorer. I like to find things out for myself – see where they lead, see what they imply.

    I was drawn to certain authors though: Lao Tzu, Ken Wilber, Ramana Maharshi, J Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle and later Adyashanti, Rumi, Brother Lawrence, Theresa of Avila, Thomas Merton. (I’m sure I left out many.) As you can see it’s kind of a mix of Rational and Mystical. Emptiness and Fullness.

  3. Wayne

    I dont mean to get personal BUT, do you pray (in whatever form that may take) and wouldnt or could that help in reconnecting?

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