Mystical vs Non-Mystical Enlightenment

Here’s another one of those “turn the camera on, talk, turn the camera off talking head” videos. Enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Mystical vs Non-Mystical Enlightenment

  1. “The tao that can be told
    is not the eternal Tao
    The name that can be named
    is not the eternal Name.” –Lao Tzu

    As soon as any realization is “thought” the sperm of mind has penetrated the ova of experience and a nascent “religion” is born.

    This is an unavoidable consequence of making “reality as it is” accessible to a human mind.

    Some “religions” are much leaner and cleaner than others but all of them, because this is the only way they can be communicated mind to mind are still religions.

  2. By saying “Her”, do you not reinforce the notion of an apparently separate “you” via this relation to “Her”? I don’t know if I’d call that mystical, but it sounds pretty religious. Just words of course.

    To me “mystical” is a colorful way of relating, a different language/form of expression. If we’re going to tell stories, might as well make them entertaining (and hide in plain sight things the powers that be might take issue with). Ways to express metaphorically, and more subtly, via such language. “She” of course plays all the roles. 😉

  3. @Mac: Yes, same destination – but a totally different feel. Non-mystical feels quite silent. Empty. Formless awareness. Mystical: Fullness, Aliveness, Gratitude and Love. My experience anyway.

    @kv & K Grey: Religion seems to me to be about an interpretation and “bending” of Her perceived will/desire to help society live together. I’m not talking about that at all.

    I AM talking about an omnipotent, omniscient, caring and loving being… who is the All. No me. Just Her. No religion needed.

    What would you do, what would you say, how would you act and relate to others if you were in my position – the position of one who sees Her everywhere, experiences Her daily (see categories Synchronicity and Evidence)? You’ve seen through the Illusion of separation, but all you’ve found was God. What would you say to others?

  4. To me “religion” is what happens when the human mind attempts to make “truth”, “actuality”, or “real raw experience” fit into it’s superstructure.

    When something so immanently present becomes cloaked under word and thought the effect is to make it all the more distant — because it is once removed from “what it is as it as” and “what is as it is” requires no word and thought anywhere at all but within the human mind (that fleeting, unnatural anomaly that dies when a human body does or when a human body can no longer support the generation of “mind” via brain).

    I don’t see a her, him, or it — they are all only language constructs.
    If forced to pin a word on the ineffable that feels to me like it most nearly points to what eludes being point at by conceptual thought I’d have to say emptiness is that word — yet that emptiness has a certain undeniable fullness to it too 🙂

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