Nomad Lessons


Lake Daniel, TX

For my fellow nomads and nomads-to-be out there.

Today I learned a few lessons:

  1. My truck, a long bed Ford F250, seems to be perfectly matched to my trailer, an 18′ Pioneer. Even with a 20 mph crosswind while traveling today, there was no swaying. I’m assuming this is because of a combination of a small trailer and a long wheelbase truck. I only have the basic ball-and-tongue hitch, no anti-sway or weight distribution hitch. I do have the towing package though (radiator cooler, stiffer suspension, …).
  2. To get the external antenna to work on the Verizon Wireless MIFI Card, you should turn the card off, connect the antenna, then turn it back on. The card seems to only “query” the antenna port on boot up. This may not be true, but in the two times I’ve used the antenna, that’s what worked for me. With the antenna tossed up on the roof, I went from an intermittent zero/one bars to a solid three bars.

I’m at Lake Daniel, TX. Found it via Since there is poor Verizon reception and I’m parked on a hill rather than lakeside (sun exposure, Internet signal), I’ll probably not stay more than a day.

At least that’s what my mind says. We’ll see what She says tomorrow (see How To Make Personal Decisions Without A Personal Self).

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2 thoughts on “Nomad Lessons

  1. Back in the day, we did it with a backpack and worn shoes. Of course Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet, but I guess your way works too

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