One Foot in Both Worlds

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NAVAJO LAKE SP, NM—A little more on the Oneness/Separation Paradox

Oneness can be thought of as God realized (enlightenment realized).

Separation can be thought of as God lived (enlightenment lived).

The mystic—recognizing these two truths—keeps one foot in both worlds.

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3 comments on “One Foot in Both Worlds
  1. frankie says:

    Perfectly stated. The following is from a journal entry of mine a few weeks ago:

    Gone back to much less mind noise. Back to completely Now. Although, honestly I have been this way all day—just had mind noise that was creating a story and I was for whatever reason wanting to buy it– found it uncomfortable. Read a post today, I could relate to. The emotions—the having each foot in a different world. What I felt today was egoic—but even before I read the post (which now I know is Beloved’s confirmations about some of my own experiences) I had a sense that early on I was perceiving from egoic/psychological time and meditation was bringing me into bliss states of complete presence.

    Now it is the opposite—I stay mostly in joyous state of presence, my mind active but not hooking on anything/not creating a story. Sometimes thought gets very scarce or completely silent. Every once in awhile, egoic paradigm seems to cause me to ‘create a thread/story’- and I feel uncomfortable.

    Several times today I could feel my mind pushing buttons, I even would start to cry—but then it would just stop. I just did not need to cry really. Next thing I am laughing—and it is coming from a true place.
    I really am walking in two different worlds. Now/Being IS becoming dominant. It will take some time to be rid of old mental patterns.

  2. Jeff says:

    Wayne – very well said. Also, the integration grows…


  3. Wayne (Wirs) says:

    @frankie: Thanks for sharing. Don’t sweat the conditioning – it’s all temporary.

    @Jeff: Thanks.

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